The key to elevating your kitchen experience is having the right tools on hand. Get ready for your complete culinary transformation—here are 5 must-have kitchen gadgets for every home chef looking to cook it up a notch.

1. Wine Key

No meal is complete without the right bottle of red. But first, you need to be able to open that pesky thing!

Unlock your full culinary potential with a wine key.

The toil and effort of cooking a meal is always well spent if there’s a wine to pair the finished dish with at the end. Rather than buying a conventional corkscrew to open one of those bottles hiding in the back of the pantry, look for a wine key instead—these multi-functional tools do much more than just open a bottle of Chardonnay. Most 3-in-1 wine keys blend the features of a corkscrew, a bottle cap opener, and a foil cutter into one convenient package. That’s what we call next level.

2. Garlic Press

Nothing tastes better than garlic, hot off of the presses.

Keep that powerful garlic aroma in your dish, not your dishes.

Garlic is a crucial ingredient with surprising health benefits—it’s low in calories and contains nutrients that our body needs, like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Unfortunately, it’s also infamous for its aromatic influence over anything it comes in contact with (your hands, your cutting boards, your knives, etc.) By investing in a garlic press, you won’t have to worry about that garlic scent lingering where it shouldn’t. Simply take a garlic clove, place it in the garlic press, squeeze, and enjoy all that healthy, tasty garlic in your meals.

3. Onion Goggles

End the tears, use onion goggles to make sure that cooking is never painful.

No more crying in the kitchen.

I can admit that I often cry while I’m prepping a meal, not because I’m impressed by my culinary creativity, but because onions are involved. I’ve tried all the recommended ways to stop my tears: Running the onion under cold water before cutting into it? Doesn’t work. Standing as far as possible from the onion while you’re cutting into it? My eyes are still burning. Lucky for us, somebody was clever enough to invent a gadget that’s both fully functional and somewhat fashionable to sport—onion goggles. Once you’ve put on a pair of onion goggles, you’ll never have to spend your time squinting through watery eyes in order to aim those diced onions right into the pot.

4. Kitchen Shears

No knife block is complete without a pair of these.

Let’s cut to the chase—scissors belong in the kitchen.

Scissors don’t just belong in your children’s arts and crafts box, they’re an important part of everyone’s cooking arsenal, too. Consider the possibilities—you’ll be able to easily slice meat into strips, cut vegetables into bite-size pieces, shred fresh herbs right into the pot, and even finish off your dish by snipping a garnish over the top. Kitchen shears will drastically cut down (pun intended) your prep time for any dish by simplifying those laborious knife slices into lightning quick snips. And many kitchen shears aren’t just for cutting, but also include notches on the handle to help open jars or a nut / bone-cracking compartment in their center. Do yourself a favor and have a pair of shears handy for any kitchen difficulty that comes your way.

5. Slow Cooker or Crockpot

A slow cooker is a kitchen must-have.

Meet your brand new personal chef.

We’ve all entertained the idea of having a personal chef to handle all the hard work of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the quick bites in between. It turns out you can realize that dream without having to hire some help—simply buy a slow cooker! All you have to do is add your ingredients, set the timer, and it’ll take care of the rest. Not many tools are as versatile as the slow cooker—it’s the perfect, no-stress tool for everything from French toast, candied pecans, lasagna, beef and broccoli, even Louisiana BBQ ribs. It’ll even brew you yummy beverages like mulled wine, chai tea, warm pomegranate punch, and caramel apple cider.

These five kitchen gadgets are sure to incite a revolution in your kitchen once their abilities have been put to good use. So pick a night, choose a recipe, and don’t forget to watch the stove while you’re busy having fun with your friends and family. More effective and efficient cooking looks good on you!

Posted by Kevin Johnson

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