You don't need nachos, you need flavor, and these MVP healthy snacks have that in spades.

Don’t succumb to tradition—put a little delicious nutrition into your Super Bowl spread.

Regardless of whether your team wins or loses, you might not feel great after the Super Bowl if you spend the duration of the game eating buckets of chicken wings and bowls of queso dip. Snacking during the Big Game might be a given, but salt-covered and fat-smothered food doesn’t have to be the norm—here are some of my healthy, nutrient-packed snack MVPs that are deserve a place at the table this Sunday.

Avocado Shrimp Spring Rolls

Packed with protein and healthy (and filling!) fat, these fresh rolls are a great alternative to fried spring rolls. In addition to sneaking some colorful veggies into your diet, you’ll save around 80 calories per piece.

Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins

Your average portion of loaded fries will set you back about 800 calories—plus more than a day’s worth of salt. For a similar flavor profile (pulled meat, crispy carbs, cheese), these chicken sweet potato skins are lower in calories and provide more protein and fiber (key for keeping you satisfied through the next commercial break).


Taste what you've been missing—glorious Super Bowl nutrition.

You might be missing out on flavor by steering clear of “healthy” snacks. (image from

Ginger & Garlic Shrimp


Buffalo wings start off innocently enough as a lean protein, but when they’re coated in butter and deep-fried, they drop significantly on the nutrition scale. These shrimp—a great alternative finger food—start off innocent as well, but maintain their healthfulness by relying on garlic, spices, and lemon juice for flavor.

Chile Lime Mango and Papaya

If you’ve ever strolled the beaches of southern California, you know just how refreshing this snack is. Made with fresh mangos and papayas, plus zesty lime juice and a sprinkle of cayenne, this snack is a great contrast to heavier appetizers. Add spears of jicama and cucumber for even more fiber!

Grilled Sweet Potato Baba Ghanoush

Get your dip on with some healthy baba ghanoush.

Leave room for some dip-able nutrition at your table.


Bring your own dip to the table—this one is packed with vitamin A-rich sweet potatoes and will rival all the other creamy and fatty ones. Enjoy it with sliced vegetables, like red bell peppers trips and carrot sticks, to boost your fiber intake even more.

10-Minute Portobello Pizzas

You’ll get the same pizza taste for a fraction of the calories, plus added fiber. Top grilled portobello mushroom caps with cheese, tomatoes, and basil, pop them in the broiler for a few minutes, and you have the perfect toasty snack for all ages. Set out more ingredients, like sausage, olives, and spinach, and let guests build their own.

Get a healthy boost from some roasted chickpeas.

You don’t need to compromise on crunch this Sunday.

Roasted Lime & Black Pepper Chickpeas


If you find yourself reaching for crispy potato chips and pretzels at crunchtime, make a batch of these roasted chickpeas instead. With parmesan cheese and lime, you’ll get tons of flavor, plus the added benefit of fiber and protein (both of which are missing in other bagged snacks).

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Paleo Meatballs

From chicken wings and ribs to carnitas and sliders, meat is usually the name of the game at super bowl parties. These meatballs forgo normally salt-heavy fillers and instead rely on spices and fruit for flavor.

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