Munchery’s commitment to a global variety of flavor wouldn’t work without an understanding of countless types of cuisine. To prove that just one week with Munchery can whisk you around the world with less stress than an overnight flight, this weekday menu covers a multitude of continents. Travel to a new and exotic locale each night, all without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Monday: Italy

The first stop on your stomach’s world tour? Italy, of course. Milan is one of the most elegant cities in the world, with everything that you love about Italian style and flavor combined with a city that’s at once modern and charmingly traditional.

Ciao Chicken Milanese

It’s easy to take your tastebuds all the way to Milan with the Ciao Chicken Milanese. The homey taste of Italian can be found in its bread crumb and parmesan crust, as well as in the arugula salad, which features gorgeous roasted red tomatoes. Ours is capped off by a grilled lemon that will add out-of-this-world flavor. You’ll be able to taste all the history behind this dish, but the flavor profile is on the pulse of what the modern foodie enjoys eating. The only other way to taste a Chicken Milanese this good is to sit yourself down at an Italian nonna’s kitchen table. Until then, say ciao to this beautiful and balanced plate.

Tuesday: India

India. One of the most colorful, life-filled place on the planet, India is home to 1.3 billion people in endless shifting regions. Despite the number of its nooks and crannies, each one seems to offer its own famous food. Perhaps the most popular dish to come out of the country, however, is tikka masala.

Cauliflower Tikka Masala

This dish typically features chicken tikka, which is boneless chicken that’s been marinated in spices and yogurt and baked in a clay oven. Our Cauliflower Tikka Masala, however, uses cauliflower tikka for a new vegetarian take on a classic Indian dish. Indian food is often very veg-friendly, and cauliflower is a filling and textural ingredient that’s perfect for meat replacement, so this fresh new dish is a no-brainer. How authentic the tikka masala dish is has been under debate before, where some point to its Punjabi flavors to pin down its origin, while doubters say it’s a UK take on authentic Indian. Wherever it comes from, it’s one of the most popular Indian dishes out there. It’s known for its bright, appetizing orange color, which comes from a blend of spices that includes turmeric powder and paprika. The sauce also typically includes a creamy element, which is why cauliflower is the perfect ingredient to lighten up its final impact.

Wednesday: Mexico

Mexico is a huge country with an enormous heart, and a lot of that heart is devoted to the love of great food. Whether they originated by the sea or surrounded by Mayan pyramids, there are more taco variations in the country than be counted. Tacos predate the history of Europeans in Mexico, so their roots are incredibly authentic, but with the arrival of immigrants with different taste buds and the widespread popularity of the taco in the rest of the world, tacos have gone beyond the typical and become a reliable carrier for any flavor combinations.

Munchery Shredded Beef Tacos

Shredded Beef Tacos are the best of both worlds. The slow-braised beef that is the star of the dish picks up traditional flavors like the corn tortilla, chipotle salsa, and queso fresco. It’s also been updated, with pickled cabbage and carrot salad to brighten up the cheese and meat. Naturally gluten free, nut allergen free, and eggless, it’s a treat even for those keeping to special diets. Each component flows cohesively together, from the addicting shredded texture of the beef to the bright salt of the queso fresco. While “queso fresco” simply means “fresh cheese” in Spanish, it is a distinct cheese variety that’s mild enough to be incorporated into almost everything. It’s the perfect light note to help round out this delicious take on tacos.

Thursday: Hawaii

It may be a part of America, but Hawaii has a magic that’s entirely its own. The abundance of beaches, scenery, and beautiful weather seems like an embarrassment of riches when combined with its aloha spirit and sense of individuality. Its island magic means that the cultures that have influenced it, especially in its food, have combined in ways that can only be uniquely Hawaii. Polynesian, Native Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese, Polynesian… the list goes on, and so does the menu.

Munchery Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

Our Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl features poke, which is a Hawaiian word for “to cut,” as well as a raw fish salad. This dish began as a simple fisherman’s lunch, because fishermen knew that there was no better way to eat ahi than as fresh and unaltered as possible. With a marinade made from soy and sesame oil, this salad is served with a variety of fresh flavors, from mizuna, a peppery Asian mustard green, to furikake, a tangy Japanese seasoning. It’s paleo, low-carb, and on point. Poke has finally made its way to the mainland in a major way, so can still be right on trend even while tapping into an age-old tradition.

Friday: Argentina

Don’t cry for Argentina. Cry for yourself if you haven’t been! Known for the food scene in Buenos Aires and the wine tasting around Mendoza, Argentina is a gourmet’s dream destination. What better country to visit in Friday’s final meal than with a taste of this ancient culture?

If you’re going to eat one thing from Argentina, it had better be the steak. The average Argentinian eats a staggering 150-plus pounds of beef per year, which is an indicator of just how crucial the flavor is to their culture. In fact, a weekly asado (or barbecue) is often held by Argentinean families. Their particular method of preparing steak is simple and centered on good ingredients: asado beef is grilled over charcoal and typically prepared with just salt. The cut in this Argentinian Steak Salad comes from an Aspen Ridge Natural Beef tri-tip steak, and it’s been grilled according to the traditional fashion. It’s finished with another addition of Argentinian flavor you’ll find yourself craving: the perfect chimichurri.

Argentinian Steak Salad

Okay, so if you’re going to eat one thing from Argentina, it had better be the steak. But if you’re going to top that one thing with one thing… you get it. Chimichurri is an incredible combination of vibrant flavors, and it’s a staple of Argentinian cuisine. Fresh parsley, tons of garlic, vinegar, and spices all come together in this sauce, which can go on everything from a sandwich to sliced bread. Experiencing it on steak is truly the best way to take a taste of Argentina.

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  1. Munchery has turned out to be my good to place for a treat after a hard day of work!! I look forward to trying these international dishes in the future~


    1. Thanks for the kind words — we look forward to serving them to you!


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