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Dane Helms is the R&D Chef of Munchery, Seattle. Dane grew up in Wenatchee, Washington: a small town on the bank of the Columbia River in the warmer, drier, apple-growing region of the state. After high school he did a couple of years at junior college then decided to join the Air Force. It was during his time in the military where he learned to recognize and appreciate food and the impact that it had on culture. Not only was he introduced to the cuisine of the Middle East but he learned to appreciate the little pockets of Americana in the places that he was stationed: namely California, Texas, and Georgia. His military background and willingness to learn helped him speed through the kitchen ranks up to the position of sous chef. Along the way he was hired as a line cook for the Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group. Several years at ESR allowed him to hone his management chops as a sous chef and chef/manager. He interviewed at Munchery and really hit it off with the management team. Initially, he was hired on as an assistant manager on the culinary side. He supervised plating and managed inventory for several months until he was able to transfer to the Research and Development Chef position.