Munchery Wayne Farms Teriyaki Chicken

Growing up as an Asian-American kid, I was raised on an eclectic mix of Japanese and American favorites –– from sukiyaki and fried rice, to tuna casserole and meatloaf. My favorite and most memorable dish: my dad’s teriyaki chicken. Dad’s been making it the same way, year after year. All the ingredients and materials for making the chicken teriyaki –– the big jugs of soy sauce, containers of garlic, and the Costco-sized glass jars for the marinade –– were a constant presence in our kitchen.

Every gathering my parents hosted, from party to picnic, from casual get-together to lavish celebration, all had one common thread: Dad’s chicken teriyaki. We had it so frequently that my siblings and I often grew tired of it — yet we’d complain and miss it if it was missing. I actually got my start in cooking by helping my dad barbecue the chicken. It was gratifying to hear the rave reviews from family and friends, and the pursuit of this gratification led me to become a chef.

Dad’s good old chicken teriyaki is the inspiration behind my recipe for Munchery’s Wayne Farms Teriyaki Chicken. The chicken, sourced from Wayne Farms and antibiotic-free, is paired with tangy asian cabbage slaw, the traditional accompaniment to our family cookouts and potlucks. Together, the teriyaki chicken and cabbage slaw is like a picnic in a box, reminding me of my Japanese American heritage and special family times. Dad’s recipe has helped me become the chef I am today. Thanks, Dad — this one’s dedicated to you!

Chris Kimura

Posted by Chris Kimura

Chris Kimura is a Sous Chef at Munchery, Los Angeles. Chef Kimura’s first job was at a Japanese restaurant in Los Altos, California. It was there that he first caught the hospitality bug and went on to work at a variety of notable SF Bay Area restaurants, including Orson with Chef Elizabeth Flanker and Michael Mina at his namesake restaurant. He went on to run the kitchen at Bashan in Glendale and spent a lot of time traveling, learning the nuances of popular ethnic foods in the most authentic way. He enjoys foods that are well-balanced with a significant depth of flavor and you’ll see that with the dishes he creates each week for Munchery. On his days off, you’ll find him at a simple Izakaya, snacking, drinking, and laughing with friends.

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