There are few things more important than moments around the dinner table with the ones you love. These treasured occasions help us re-center, re-connect, breathe—they are our opportunity to share stories, to unwind, to be face to face with family and friends. Unfortunately, these precious times are constantly under assault. Nearly every facet of our lives has the potential to infringe on table-time. As plates fill up and schedules are stretched thin, dinner around the table can get scarce, not because we don’t cherish it, but because it uses our most valuable resource: time.

Here at Munchery, we’ve been trying since our inception to give you back the time you need so that gathering around the dinner table is easier than ever. We specifically designed our cooking kits to take a quick 15 minutes and our ready-to-eat dishes are just that, ready so that dinner can be less about working and more about congregating. By cooking for you, we’re helping you take back dinnertime.

Fam To Table

By now, we’re all familiar with the farm-to-table movement. There’s no point in bringing the farm to the table, however, if your family isn’t there to enjoy it! So let’s make a deal. We’ll bring the farm to your table, you bring your fam to the table.

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated so far and posted on social media to show us how they #FamToTable. Below is our featured post from September, which we think captures the concept elegantly.

September’s Featured #FamToTable Post

We were so excited to see families gathering around the dinner table, and we’d like to see even more! Post a picture or video to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter of  your family dinner with #FamToTable and we just might feature you in our October blog post (and send you a scrumptious something as a thank you).

Together, we can ensure that our cherished dinnertime is not overrun by the busyness of everyday life. Invite your fam to the table tonight and we’ll take care of the rest.

Andrew Mitchell

Posted by Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell is a Copywriter at Munchery. He grew up in Helena, Montana and graduated in 2016 with an English and Creative Writing degree from Stanford University. Andrew loves goats, being lost, and toast.


  1. I purchased two of the turkey meatball dinners for my my nieces Everything I’ve ever ordered has been really good. However they hated the meatballs. They thought that they were very bland, just not seasoned at all. We had ordered two of them and we threw them both in the trash.


    1. Andrew Mitchell
      Andrew Mitchell October 12, 2017 at 3:04 pm

      Hey Karen,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! We’re sorry to hear that your nieces found our kids’ turkey meatballs bland—we’ve reached out to you via email and we’ll make sure to alert our chefs so we can address that problem.


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