Munchery is excited to offer signature dishes from renowned San Francisco restaurant, The Slanted Door! Learn more about the story behind each dish, from origins steeped in rich Vietnamese culinary traditions, to executive chef and owner Charles Phan’s fresh interpretations, to insider tips on eating and cooking the authentic Vietnamese way.

The Slanted Door Claypot Chicken exclusively through Munchery

Chicken Claypot Cooking Kit – Ready in 15 Minutes!

Chicken Claypot is a favorite mainstay on The Slanted Door menu – and now, San Francisco Bay Area residents can order The Slanted Door Chicken Claypot cooking kit exclusively through Munchery! We worked with Executive Chef and owner Charles Phan to adapt his well-loved dish into a 15-minute cooking kit that’s as easy to make as it is delicious to eat. The kit comes with pre-portioned organic chicken from Golden Gate Meat Company, an array of seasonings, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions. According to Chef Charles Phan, serve this at your next dinner party and your guests will think you’re a master chef!

A Delicious History of the Dish


Many cultures have their own version of claypot cooking, a rustic ode to a time long ago when the best kitchen equipment was made of baked mud. Necessity has become preference, and now chefs use claypots for their ability to maintain moisture and create tender, flavorful dishes. The transfer of heat is slow and gentle compared to steel or any other metal, so you rarely have to worry about burning food when cooking with clay.

This slow, gentle braising technique is quite common in Asian cooking, and in many other parts of the world where kitchens may not have ovens. While braising isn’t a cooking method necessarily associated with Asian cuisine, even tropical cultures will frequently incorporate a braised dish in a multi-course meal alongside fresh salads or stir-fried greens.

Chef Phan’s Inspiration

“I was a budding ceramicist when I was younger. The summer after eighth grade, I helped my art teacher move into a new classroom, and in exchange he showed me how to use the potter’s wheel. I was hooked, and spent the next four years of high school making ceramics, even winning some awards in high school.

I considered going to art school…but my father stepped in and ‘redirected’ me into the architecture program at UC Berkeley. When we opened The Slanted Door, I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to select pottery to use at the restaurant. We still serve our food on ceramics today.”

Your Go-To Pro Tip

If you’re game to give claypot cooking a go, a little prepping will go a long way. Any new clay pot needs to be properly seasoned before use to avoid cracking. Begin this process by immersing the pot in cold water for at least two hours before removing it to dry. If there are any unglazed parts of the bowl (often the bottom), coat them in a neutral-tasting oil. Then, fill the pot three-fourths full of water, place a heat diffuser on a burner, and turn the heat on low, simmering slowly for two hours and being careful not to let the water boil all the way out.

Once your pot is seasoned, it will still be important to use it gently, because clay is much more fallible than modern materials and will wear down much quicker.

Order The Slanted Door Claypot Chicken cooking kit by Munchery today, or learn more about The Slanted Door by Munchery here.

For more stories, tips, and recipes, check out Chef Charles Phan’s bestselling cookbooks, Vietnamese Home Cooking and The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food.

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