Let’s be honest: No one wants to know their tasty turkey burger features an invisible condiment of chemicals. Eating poultry raised on a cocktail of antibiotics isn’t a very appealing thought — and it’s hardly good for your health. That’s why Munchery has taken every precaution to ensure each chef-crafted poultry dish, across all of our markets, is entirely antibiotic-free.

Why We Made the Effort

Unlike some other labels — ”no added hormones” (it’s illegal to add hormones to chickens, so it’s true of all chicken), “preservative-free” (preservatives aren’t added to whole fresh chicken), or “all-natural” (just means that’s actually chicken in there) — “raised without antibiotics” really means something.

Subtherapeutic doses of antibiotics are commonly used in raising poultry to keep disease from spreading through tightly housed flocks. This practice has a couple of less-than-savory results. First, the animals are kept in dirty or overcrowded conditions (that’s why the antibiotics are used in the first place). Stressed and unhappy birds don’t lead to the best poultry. Second, it adds to the antibiotic load in the world, leading to more virulent bacteria and less effective medicine, damaging the safety of our food and ourselves.

Munchery puts in the work to make sure all the poultry we use is raised without antibiotics, and certified as such, because we like what that means:

  • The hatcheries and barns need to be kept cleaner and less crowded to keep the animals healthy.
  • Healthy animals are less stressed animals; less stressed animals taste better (no joke).
  • Fewer antibiotics thrown into the world keeps us all healthier and safer.

In short, poultry raised without the use of antibiotics is better for the birds, and it’s better for all of us, leading to a safer, more healthful food supply. Plus, our chefs have found it also leads to some mighty tasty birds.

Smart Sourcing for Great Ingredients

We’re always looking for ways to bring you better ingredients while keeping our menu affordable. By working with trusted poultry and meat distributors, we’ve managed to do just that:

We’re proud of our commitment to high quality poultry across all dishes in all markets. Find your favorite chicken dish on the menu today!

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