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Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself why our chefs hand-select each product by reading our Marketplace Blog Series, which highlights each item and its Munchery story.

Prosciutto Americano
Image via La Quercia

Historically Delicious

Nearly everything has changed since 200BC, except the way prosciutto is made. The ancient technique guarantees a purity that has delivered consistently earthy, rich flavor for more than two millennia. Made from premium ham, prosciutto is dry-cured with nothing but salt. The salt drives moisture out in order to preserve the meat, infusing flavor in the process that intensifies when the meat is allowed riposo (Italian for “rest”). 

This technique originated in Parma alongside Parmigiano-Reggiano, where pigs were fed excess whey from the cheese-making process to create flavorful ham. For generations, this symbiotic relationship between the “King of Cheeses” and prosciutto kept this cured delicacy an Italian specialty.

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse, founders of La Quercia went to the birthplace of prosciutto to learn everything they could about its production. After three and a half years, they returned to America with a dream: to make amazing prosciutto here in the US. Munchery is delighted to offer La Quercia prosciutto at an exquisitely low price to our members.

Homegrown Quality

Founders Herb and Kathy Eckhouse
Image via La Quercia

Former Munchery NY culinary director Bridget Siegel chose La Quercia in part because of her connection to Iowa, where Herb and Kathy hand-cure their premium meats. This is a bond that Munchery and La Quercia care deeply about: American-made products allow us to connect to our food on a new level. Five years of meticulous experimentation and testing based on the age-old Parma methods led La Quercia to an exquisite prosciutto with authentic flavor and local spirit.

Proudly branded Prosciutto Americano, La Quercia fully embraces the freedom of making their signature products in America’s heartland. Instead of adhering to traditional farming regulations, they were able to raise standards, crafting their own stringent rules that nurture and respect the land that they use.

Nature’s Stewards

Image via La Quercia

Like all of our partners, La Quercia lives and breathes sustainability:

“We decided to establish our own standards and hold our meat suppliers to them: no pork from confinement facilities or from animals fed non-therapeutic antibiotics. We require that growers provide the pigs space to socially congregate, a place to bed in deep bedding, and access to the out of doors.”

La Quercia sources all its Americano pork from Heritage Foods and Niman Ranch and use nothing but American-made sea salt to cure their meats. In addition, the company looks to organic spices whenever possible for its spiced varietals. This attention to detail makes it so that you can feel great about each bite of savory splendor. After all, a pantry should be a haven for products that make you and the environment smile.

Choice Offerings

Prosciutto Americano

It was incredibly difficult to choose between all of La Quercia’s excellent offerings. In the end, our chefs selected  Prosciutto Americano, their classic prosciutto with fantastic earthiness. This flavorful, versatile selection is great with a host of different taste profiles.

Here are some time-tested pairings that are sure to delight:

  • Cheese Pairing: Alpine-style cheeses (Ascutney Mountain, VT), aged sheep’s milk (Dante, Wi), aged cheddars (Beecher’s Flagship Reserve, WA)
  • Beverage pairing: Lager, Hard Cider, Champagne, Lambrusco
  • Make it a meal: Add to salads, sandwiches, and pizza! Try the below recipe designed by Munchery’s award-winning chefs!

Munchery Prosciutto & Cambozola Flatbread

Prosciutto & Cambozola Flatbread Recipe by Munchery
(Also available as a Munchery 15-minute cooking kit!)


1 yellow onion
1 lemon
2 1/2 teaspoons thyme
Naan bread
Cambozola cheese
8 slices of Prosciutto Americano
3 tablespoons La Vecchia Dispensa Noboli Balsamic
1/4 cup red flame grapes
Olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 350*F
  2. Cut both ends off of the onion and halve it from from top to bottom, then peel off the papery skin and cut into quarter inch slices. Cut the cheese into 1⁄2 inch pieces and set aside.
  3. Zest the lemon, then cut it in quarters and set it aside until you’re ready to plate. Finely chop the thyme and whisk in a small mixing bowl along with the zest and 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil.
  4. Cut grapes in half from top to bottom.
  5. Heat a large frying pan on high with 2 tablespoons of oil. Add the sliced onions, and caramelize them for about 4 minutes while stirring frequently so they don’t burn. Add 1⁄2 teaspoon of both salt and pepper, the balsamic vinegar, and 1/8 cup of water, then lower heat to medium. Continue to cook for about 3 minutes, or until the onions have absorbed most of the vinegar.
  6. Place the flatbreads on a baking sheet and spread the onions between the two, leaving about 1⁄2 inch of crust exposed around the edges. Cover the onions with sliced Prosciutto Americano, and bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes, or until prosciutto begins to crisp. Remove from the oven and evenly distribute the cheese pieces between both flatbreads. Bake for another 2-5 minutes, or until cheese is tantalizingly bubbly. Remove from the oven and top both flatbreads with the grapes, then garnish with arugula and spritz everything with lemon. Brush the exposed crust with the thyme oil, then slice, serve, and munch away.

Download the recipe for Prosciutto & Cambozola Flatbread here. Munchery members can purchase La Quercia Prosciutto Americano from our Marketplace today!

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