Dear Munchery Members:

At Munchery, we appreciate the fact that not all your meals are with us. We understand that there are times you order from other services or local restaurants, times that you go out with family or friends, and times that you cook at home. In my house, every Sunday is family meal day. We take one of our four daughters to the local farmers’ market and, based on what is available from our favorite organic farmers, we create a menu for that night. It is usually an all day affair — and includes lots of veggie prepping, braising, roasting, grilling, smoking, baking and even some pickling. Finally, sometime around 7pm, we sit down to a long Sunday night dinner together.

This event— the selection of the items from the farmers’ market, the preparation and cooking, and finally the sitting down for a meal— is a touchstone for our family, a reminder of the importance of taking a pause from our full and busy lives and getting back to the basics. What could be more basic than selecting beautiful, fresh ingredients from farmers who care deeply about their products and transforming them into a meal that can be shared by a family around the dinner table? In addition to bringing us together, it is a good reminder— in this fast-food world—of the artisanship and care it takes to prepare and serve a healthy, delicious meal.

Our focus at Munchery is not to replace those nights, but to provide you with healthy, all-natural, and delicious food for the nights that you just can’t cook—so you can focus on the other important things in your life. Think of us as an alternative to cooking at home—not as a replacement. Munchery is a healthier, just-as-convenient, and often less expensive alternative to restaurant take-out or delivery. Use our ready-to-eat meals or 15-minute cooking kits to stock up for the week and put great food on the table when you need it—and without compromising freshness, health, taste, or convenience.

The Munchery Marketplace is to help you with those nights when you are cooking at home. We have curated premium, high-quality items that we want in our pantry or fridge for our Sunday night dinners—and brought them to our Members at ridiculously low prices.

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We’ve used our contacts and buying power to source these premium items at the lowest price, purchased in volume, added only a small margin to cover our costs, and passed all the savings on to our Members. You will find 24-Month Aged Parmigiano Reggiano at $8-10 less per pound than your local specialty cheese or grocery store, one of the best Italian extra-virgin olive oils in the world for nearly $15 off retail, and local cheeses and meats for 50-65% less than most retailers.

Let us know what else you would like us to offer in the Marketplace by emailing or posting on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page – and we will do our best to source it for our Members at the very lowest price possible.

We bring the Marketplace to our Members as an extended benefit of the Munchery experience—so you have what you need for those occasions when you are not eating with us.

Happy Cooking. Happy Eating.

James Beriker
CEO, Munchery

James Beriker

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