The Gift of Grub

When it comes to holiday gift giving, there is only one sure-fire present—food. Knowing exactly how to give the gift of delectable nourishment, however, can be tricky. We’ve compiled a Munchery gift guide to take the mystery out of delicious holiday giving so that your loved ones will receive precisely what they crave this year.

For the Host with the Most

We've curated this cheese plate from California producers to ensure that it wow's the guests.

Help someone bring effortless quality to their next gathering with one of our cheese plates.

Our new rotisserie meats and sides put the ‘fast’ in feast—we pre-brine, season, and cook free-range chickens until tender so that any weekday dinner can instantly become a banquet of delicious proportions. And because every scrumptious centerpiece deserves a host of tasty accompaniments, our chefs have whipped up a wide selection of sides perfect for completing your choice of bird. Simply choose your favorite rotisserie chicken, a couple of crowd-favorite sides, and delight in the gift of a work-free holiday gathering.

Want to transform your banquet in a full-fledged party? Add hors d’oeuvres! Our Essentials Gift Bag is a delectable spread just waiting to be assembled—each tote touts a spectacular array of cheeses, meats, and pantry essentials for your platter-curating pleasure. Our award-winning chefs have carefully curated gift bags to reflect the local bounty of California—click here to see what delights lay inside!

For the Choosy Eater

Who doesn't love the gift of a gift card—it's exactly what you want and nothing else.

Nourish your loved ones with a Munchery Gift Card.

We all have those discerning friends who pick the restaurant, or pick through what the waiter brings to them. This year, you can get them exactly what they like to eat. A Munchery gift card means free reign over our ever-changing menu, which promises enough variety to satisfy every palate. With options for everyone from vehement vegans to gluten-free gourmets, this gift means introducing someone to chef-crafted bliss.

For the Busy Traditionalist

Our 15-minute cooking kits make it easy to marry fast and fantastic.

A delicious dinner for two just might be the ideal holiday gift.

Many people love cooking, very few have the time to do so—that’s why we offer 15-minute cooking kits. Imagine each kit as a page from your favorite cookbook with a promise—all the sustainably-sourced ingredients are deftly prepared so that tasty is a guarantee. Great for anything from date nights to weeknights, our cooking kits are a fun way to cook a meal at home on a busy schedule.

Not sure when to give this sort of gift? Don’t fret—most of our cooking kits can be stored for a few days so dinner can be when the recipient needs it, rather than right when they receive it.

For the Home Chef

We have four gift recommendations to make this holiday extra special (and delicious).

Our Deluxe Gift Bags are bursting with pantry essentials

What makes a good cook a bonafide home chef? Excellent ingredients. Our Deluxe Gift Bag is the perfect pantry-stuffer for this holiday season—brimming with a cornucopia of culinary excellence, our chefs have curated these bags to feature pantry staples from local and international artisans alike. Peek inside here to see what delights are in our the deluxe version of our Holiday Gift Bag.

If you are looking for to stock up on specific ingredients, check out the Parties & Picnics section of our menu—a haven for premium products at deliciously low prices—and build your own gift bag for the home chef in your life.

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