We are all heartbroken by the devastation and loss caused by the wildfires in the North Bay. As we have all seen over the last seven long days, the fires have taken over 40 lives and hundreds are still missing, ravaged over 220,000 acres, and destroyed over 5,700 homes and buildings. Thousands of people have been displaced. They have lost their homes, businesses, and jobs. Their stories of loss are deeply overwhelming.

As the biggest Bay Area online prepared meal delivery company, we want to bring our resources to help these communities. We have friends, family, members of our team, and partners who have been impacted by these fires—we have long benefited directly from the innovation, hard work, and amazing products of so many people in the North Bay. We hope to play a small part in the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts by providing fresh, healthy ready-to-eat meals and financial support to partner organizations in Napa and Sonoma.

Food Giving Program

We are currently collaborating with local community service groups in the North Bay—and food service partners in San Francisco—to provide fresh, healthy ready-to-eat meals for displaced people, first responders, and volunteers. The need here is very fluid as there are many community service organizations providing these services. As such, we are in touch with many of these groups and ready to help as required. If you are aware of any need for meals, please contact me directly at ceo@munchery.com. We cook fresh food everyday—and can deliver directly to any location in the North Bay in our refrigerated trucks.

Financial Support from Munchery

Through the end of October, Munchery is contributing $1 from every order in the Bay Area to support two organizations that are on the ground working with communities to provide for the current needs of displaced community members and raise funds for rebuilding. All contributions will be shared equally between these two organizations:

The Sonoma County Resilience Fund, an established community organization focused on funding projects to improve life in Sonoma, is currently working directly with nonprofits and other community organizations to provide both immediate assistance and longer-term funding for rebuilding. To contribute directly, please go here.

The Napa Valley Community Foundation is a similar, long-standing community organization focusing on Napa. The organization played a major role in funding rebuilding efforts after the 2014 earthquake and has committed to doing the same in supporting recovery and rebuilding after these fires. Currently, they are focused on making grants to help with immediate relief as well as fundraising for longer-term rebuilding projects. To contribute directly, please go here.

Financial Support from our Customers

In addition, we are enabling Munchery customers to donate directly through our menu in $5 increments, up to $50 per order. 100% of all these donations will be provided to the organizations that we are supporting. Thank you to our customers for adding these donations to your order so we may extend even greater support to these impacted communities.

The North Bay is a very special place to us at Munchery. Over the last 50 years, the winemakers, farmers, chefs, and hoteliers of Wine Country have redefined wine, food, and hospitality all over the world—and become a center of excellence that has inspired all of us in the hospitality industry. We hope that the spirit and resilience that brought these amazing people together on this magical and beautiful land can now bring people together to recover, heal, and rebuild these communities. Let’s remain generous in our emotional and financial support and help our neighbors and friends through what is going to be a long and challenging recovery and rebuilding process.

James Beriker
CEO, Munchery

If you’d like to make a donation, please visit our menu and select Donate Now from the menu items. Munchery sincerely thanks you for your support.

James Beriker

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