Chef Scott Newman in Munchery’s San Francisco Kitchen

Once upon a time, Scott Newman wanted to be a rock star. Then he he grew up and decided to pursue a culinary career. He believes there are parallels between making music and cooking food; for example, both are creative professions.

Scott’s culinary creativity has served him well. Before he joined Munchery, Chef Scott rose in the ranks of the culinary world at renowned restaurants such as Masa’s and Rubicon in San Francisco, as well as Patina in Los Angeles. His delectable work earned him recognition in Gourmet, Bon Appetit and other notable, foodie magazines. And, to this day he’s still known for a remarkable rabbit dish he created at Rubicon, despite leaving two decades ago.

But as anybody in the business knows, restaurant work hours are insane. Scott’s demanding schedule took a toll on his family, especially his two children.

“I was never there,” he said. “I missed the first ten years of my kids’ life.”

Today, as production chef at Munchery’s San Francisco kitchen, Chef Scott keeps more regular work hours. His schedule is still packed –– Munchery serves hundreds of customers daily (and growing) in Northern California –– but the built-in scalability of the business allows Scott to have some semblance of a personal life that his former restaurant career didn’t allow. As such, he now sees his kids more often and frequently cooks “whatever they request.”

Munchery Chicken Parmesan

At Munchery, Chef Scott continues to flex his culinary creativity, adding to his roster of wow-worthy creations with highly-rated dishes like Santa Fe-Style Green Chile Stew, Chicken Parmesan, Grilled Salmon with Aioli and Braised Beef Short Ribs.

Although Scott wouldn’t return to the traditional restaurant world, there is one aspect he misses: personal interactions with customers.

“I loved going out in my chef coat and talking to patrons in the dining room,” he explained. “It was instant gratification.”

Still, he wouldn’t trade his current work-life balance, so he’s okay with the digital interactions with Munchery customers.

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