There are two things you should know about me. By day, I design the user experience for Munchery’s web and mobile pages. By night, Munchery helps me design a diet for my jiu-jitsu training. Below is my guide to the user experience of using Munchery as an athlete, and the four reasons that I’ve continued to rely on their prepared meals to fuel my training and enhance my athletic performance.

Using Munchery to train for Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The proper diet is a crucial part of my jiu-jitsu training. PC: Torrey Fox Photography

Precision Nutrition

For many athletes (myself included), a quality training routine relies on a precisely monitored diet. Like having a good gas gauge in a car, an exacting nutritional plan ensures that you always have enough fuel to propel yourself towards your athletic goals. When I started training for a tournament in February, I had to rebuild my gauge. It had been a year since I had competed, and as a result I was extra careful with my nutrition—in a sport like jiu-jitsu, if you don’t make weight, you don’t get to compete. I started by using an online calculator to find a good macronutrient ratio for my body, and began to tailor my meals to fit.

Know exactly what is fueling your training.

Very few delivery options that I researched when I first started training jiu-jitsu had the nutritional transparency Munchery has.

Because Munchery has detailed and readily available nutritional information for each of their dishes, tailoring meals to fit my macros was effortless. At the beginning of the week, I logged the meals I was planning on ordering, testing to see what combination of dishes would get me to hit my macro goals. This took almost all of the guesswork out of eating properly—as long as I ate all my food and trained hard, I knew I was on track.

Occasionally I made substitutions/additions to these meals to ensure my body was getting what it needed. Access to the precise nutrition of each Munchery dish made these little changes—some avocado for extra fat, some rice for a carb boost—simple to implement, giving my diet a defined structure that I could supplement as I saw (and started to feel) fit.

Saving Time

Nothing compares to the convenience of prepared meals when you are training.

My favorite Munchery dish (the Ginger Poached Chicken) is delicious both served cool or heated up.

Training is a drain on my stamina and my schedule. I train almost every day, and even on my “off days” I’m in the gym at an open mat or going for a run for a little extra cardio. There’s rarely any time between work and training (either in the morning or evening) and energy is always at a premium. These circumstances can make it difficult to stay on track—getting home tired after a long day often leads to a search for a quick, easy solution (and these types of solutions are rarely ones that fit my nutritional goals).

To avoid this dilemma, I used to use Sunday to prep my meals for the week. Unfortunately, spending my time preparing meals meant I was either missing out on valuable recovery time or some variation that didn’t fit into my routine during the week. Now, I only spend about 15 minutes “preparing” my meals for the week, browsing the menu and choosing meals that will give me the energy I’m looking for to empower my training.


As an athlete, I am always on the move. Now, so are my meals.

I rarely have time to make it to my dinner table. Luckily, my meals are delicious all over the map.

When my training is in full swing, I rarely find myself at my own dinner table. Fortunately, Munchery allows me to eat wherever I am. The meals come in no-spill containers that I can bring to work or the gym (or even pop open on the way between the two). Most of the meals I choose are just as delicious hot, cold, all at once, or little by little, meaning that getting the proper nutrition never gets in the way of my schedule.


When it comes to traditional meal prepping, efficiency often trumps variety. Instead of cooking seven different meals on Sunday, most people make one thing that can be portioned throughout the week. That meal might be tasty on Monday, but it becomes a chore by Thursday or Friday. Munchery’s menu changes every day, so I can almost have a different dish for every day of the month while still hitting my macros. I still go back to my favorites time and time again, but it’s refreshing to be able to taste different kinds of dishes and remember that meal prepping doesn’t have to be bland!

Plus, I love the selection of non-athlete friendly dishes that Munchery offers for those special occasions when your training allows you to splurge. The day after my last tournament, I was in LA with my sister and we decided to treat ourselves to a bunch of items off the dessert menu. Needless to say—it was very worth it.

My Five Favorite Dishes (whether I’m training or not!)

Teriyaki Bento Box

Take this bento box to the gym with you or eat it on the way.

The perfect eat-anywhere snack box with a lot of the nutrients I need!

Ginger Poached Chicken

Meal prep is easy when we do the prepping for you!

Fresh flavors and clean protein = a must-have training dish!

Sweta’s Portabella Chili

Your chili should be just that—your own, made to taste.

Sweta’s chili is proof that eating well doesn’t mean shying away from flavor.

Salmon Brown Rice Bowl

A rice bowl is a great way to get balanced macros.

I’m always up for a fillet, plus the carbs I need and some yummy veggies.

Shrimp & Hominy Salad

Meal prep made easy with Munchery.

Why not spice up a salad with some shrimp?

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