With the recent E. coli outbreak resulting in cases in 16 different states thus far, we want to assure our lettuce lovers across the country that the romaine we source is safe and unaffected. The CDC has identified the Yuma, Arizona region as the likely source of the contaminated lettuce, and recommends that no consumers eat any romaine lettuce (this now includes whole heads and hearts) unless they can guarantee its origin outside the affected region.

No matter what dish you are craving, we can ensure that the romaine inside is safely sourced.

All of our romaine is sourced safely in California.

Fortunately, we exclusively source romaine lettuce from California in all our regions. That means that—regardless of where you live—if you are eating romaine from Munchery, you are eating safe produce.

If you are still concerned and would like to avoid romaine lettuce entirely, simply consult our detailed ingredient lists on our menu to see if a given salad/dish includes romaine lettuce. Additionally, for more information regarding how the FDA and CDC coordinate their efforts to recall dangerous products, click here. Remember to avoid all romaine lettuce that doesn’t have a clear source outside the affected Yuma, Arizona region.


Andrew Mitchell

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