Munchery is excited to offer signature dishes from renowned San Francisco restaurant, The Slanted Door! Learn more about the story behind each dish, from origins steeped in rich Vietnamese culinary traditions, to executive chef and owner Charles Phan’s fresh interpretations, to insider tips on eating and cooking the authentic Vietnamese way.

The Slanted Door Shaking Beef by Munchery

Shaking Beef Cooking Kit – Ready in 15 Minutes!

If there is one single dish for which The Slanted Door is famous, it’s Shaking Beef, with cubes of beef so tender they practically melt in your mouth. Thanks to Chef Charles Phan, San Francisco Bay Area residents now have the opportunity to replicate this gourmet phenomenon at home through Munchery’s 15-minute cooking kit. The Shaking Beef cooking kit comes with pre-portioned organic beef tenderloin from Golden Gate Meat Company, peppery farm-fresh watercress, sauce, seasonings for the lime dipping sauce, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

A Delicious History of the Dish

The Slanted Door’s Shaking Beef is based on one of the most traditional dishes in Vietnam – bò lúc lắc, which directly translates to mean “shaking beef.” The dish is named for the vigorous shaking motion involved in stir-frying the onions and beef.

Because beef was scarce in colonial Vietnam, this dish was traditionally reserved for special occasions. Time hasn’t shaken its reputation, though, and even today, bò lúc lắc is served as a celebratory dish.

Chef Phan’s Inspiration


Fresh watercress

Charles Phan’s shaking beef recipe embodies everything The Slanted Door stands for, combining authenticity with premium ingredients.

“This dish has been on the menu at the Slanted Door since it opened in 1995. Although I was born in Vietnam, I grew up in Northern California just as the farmers’ market revolution was beginning, around the time that the legendary Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse was really hitting its stride.

When I began to think about opening a restaurant, I knew that I wanted to serve Vietnamese food but made with the same great ingredients that the other top restaurants were using. Although I had eaten shaking beef in Vietnam, the versions that I had tried were usually made with tough beef cuts that were overcooked. But the flavors—caramelized cubes of beef and a dipping sauce of salt, pepper, and fresh lime juice—were so good that I knew it would be exceptional if I made it with better ingredients.”

Your Go-To Pro Tip

Achieving the ideal flavor is all about cooking with heat. A hot, dry heat will brown the meat without overcooking it. Be sure to heat your pan so the steak sizzles right away, leaving room between each piece of meat so it can caramelize properly. Chefs know this as the Maillard reaction, a flavor-producing reaction where proteins turn brown and extra tasty.

Order The Slanted Door Shaking Beef cooking kit today, or learn more about The Slanted Door by Munchery here.

For more stories, tips, and recipes, check out Chef Charles Phan’s bestselling cookbooks, Vietnamese Home Cooking and The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food.

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