That feeling that’s been gnawing at you, the one that’s kept you from finding the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner locale—it’s called analysis paralysis. This time of year, it feels like every restaurant in the world is vying for your business on February 14th, and this overwhelming number of options has been proven to make decisions impossible. The key to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant is simply to narrow the field—our Valentine’s Day restaurant guide should help you focus on the experience you want to have, and ultimately lead you to the ideal date experience.


Valentine's Day, made easy with our restaurant guide.

Finding the perfect restaurant is like planning a vacation—start by considering location.

To begin your search for the perfect V-Day restaurant, think more broadly about the type of evening you want to have. Although most recommendation sites begin by showing eateries close to your location, take a moment to consider what stops you might want to make before or after your meal (a favorite bar, a scenic overlook, a movie theater) and focus your search on areas that offer these amenities. After all, dinner is just one piece of the puzzle—a nice evening walk or dessert on the way home can take your Valentine’s Day to the next level.


Once you’ve decided on a general area for your meal, you need to know which places you have a chance of getting in to. A bit of google research will show you how popular certain restaurants are at certain times—to be safe, assume that they will be as busy on Valentine’s Day as the ever are (look at weekend nights to get an estimate). If you know a place is very popular, it might be worth a call to see if they recommend (or even accept) reservations. After all, you don’t want to show up at the restaurant just to get turned away!


Don't worry about all the choices, use our guide to narrow the field and find the dinner right for you.

Finding the ideal Valentine’s Day restaurant is easy this year.

Don’t feel any pressure to dine at the most expensive restaurant—Valentine’s Day is all about your partner, not your pocketbook. Figure out what you and your significant other want from a special night out and look for places that match your budget. Factor in the other things you’re planning on doing so that, all told, the night doesn’t send you back more than you expected. Certain places offer special Valentine’s Day promotions, so double check to see if you can uncover any lovely deals in your search.


Don’t worry so much about mood music and candle light—do your research about the vibe of possible restaurant choices and try to pick a backdrop that best suits the evening you want to have. Romance can take all forms—if an energetic and boisterous environment suits you and your partner, don’t shy away in the name of Valentine’s Day ‘tradition’. In fact, you needn’t even go to a sit-down restaurant to have a dreamy 14th.


It doesn't have to be fancy, just flavorful

Think about what you like to eat, not what you’re expected to have, this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t feel constricted by the traditional Valentine’s Day paradigm of steak and lobster—think about the type of food that is meaningful to you and look for places that deliver that flavor. Maybe your first date was at a Greek restaurant and you’d like to revisit that experience, or maybe you and your partner just love Thai food. After all, the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner means being surrounded by things you love—including the food.


If you’re still having trouble finding a place to eat—or you just don’t feel like leaving home—we’re happy to bring Valentine’s Day right to your door with brand new dishes designed expressly for this indulgent occasion.

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