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4505 Meats

Crispity clouds of porkaliciousness.

No menu planned.

  1. Background

Welcome to 4505 Meats! We are a family owned company based in San Francisco, founded by chef Ryan Farr in January 2009. We initially launched with one product, our lighter-than-air Original Style Chicharrones, or “crispity clouds of porkaliciousness.” The business has only grown from there: We've operated stands at Farmers’ Markets all over San Francisco. From December 2012- July 2015 we ran a full-service whole animal butcher shop in the Mission District, where we sold responsibly and sustainably raised meat sourced from farms in Northern California. Our legacy was built upon the values of whole animal butchery and we are committed to bringing you quality & delicious products at our Farmers Market stand, Restaurant, and specialty stores & bars nationwide. Happy Feasting!