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Chef Authentic Bagels

Authentic Bagels
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How exactly did we get interested in making bagels? It all has to do with our family’s move from the East Coast, out west. While helping to pack up our childhood house, we stumbled upon a couple forgotten cookbooks that, to our excitement, contained handwritten recipes from our great grandmother. One recipe, dated back to the turn of the century. To our interest one was an authentic recipe for a bagel with a starter dough. Commercial yeast wasn't readily available back then, so the every day home baker would use a starter dough, a dough full of natural leavening yeasts and delicious fermentation to create complex, flavorful, crusty breads. This is how we decided on our business name. Authentic Bagels are based on the authenticity of our families recipes.

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9 reviews
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The bagels were cold and seems they we frozen, yet you said that it was fresh! Very disappointing and will not order again
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By Germaine Halas