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Chef Charles Phan

The Slanted Door
(761 reviews)

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Charles Phan is the chef-owner of The Slanted Door, known for its ingredient-driven menu and traditional Vietnamese cooking. As if running a James Beard Award-winning restaurant weren’t enough, he also heads up Hardwater, South, and two Out the Door locations.

As a busy working dad, he started putting together fully prepped, ready-to-cook meals while at the restaurant, so that when he got home he’d be able to get dinner together for his wife and kids as quickly as possible.

He’s excited to bring this concept, featuring some of The Slanted Door’s most acclaimed dishes, to Munchery customers, and help get delicious dinners on tables everywhere.

Total Reviews:
761 reviews
Average Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Fantastic!! Please keep this on the menu.
5  Stars
By Terry Heitman
Amazing! So fresh!!! And convenient too!!
5  Stars
By Abhishek Dayal
5  Stars
By Amy Hanna
This is the most delicious thing you've offered! I'd order it each week. Please offer Charles Phan's clay pot chicken too!!
5  Stars
By Heidi Scott
Extremely yummy. Great, easy, and quick. We did find a few small bones in the shredded chicken. But otherwise all of the ingredients were fresh and seasoned perfectly. Will order again.
5  Stars
By Abi Scheier
Fresh, light and delicious. Takes 5 minutes
5  Stars
By Erin Francis-Cummings
Not great, despite Slanted Door
3  Stars
By Dan Kingsley
The flavor was good. Very similar to slanted door. But the portion was on the small side. Especially for 2 as a main course.
4  Stars
By A C.
Delicious, flavorful, and easy to assemble. The beef was tender and the greens provided a fresh contrast.
5  Stars
By Aimee Young
This was disappointing. Much better at the restaurant or using Slanted Door's own cooking kits from the Ferry Bldg. The meat was not as tender, and there was insufficient sauce (and it wasn't potent enough). would probably not re-order.
3  Stars
By C P.
This was an unfortunate disaster, my first from Munchery. I love Munchery, and loved the original Slanted Door on Valencia St. But somehow, chicken juice leaked all over, rendering the instructions booklet useless. I had to guess how to prepare.
3  Stars
By Lucia Tallchief Mele
This dish was simple to prepare but the serving size is pretty small for two. I added my own vegetables to the chicken and cooked my own rice. Overall, not worth the cost since you can buy twice the amount of organic chicken from Wholefoods.
4  Stars
By S X.
I ordered this multiple times, but the most recent one tasted much better! I liked the pre-cut cilatro, and I felt like it had more flavor. Thanks for the continued improvements!
5  Stars
By Nari Shin
The taste is incredible!!!!!
5  Stars
By Elaine Rocha
The food was delicious but for the price point I would have expected either more meat or a vegetable side dish. The amount of meat amount to one large chicken breast for two people.
3  Stars
By Cathy Ly
I was really disappointed, the description says chicken thighs but I got chicken breast. The meal was disappointing the chicken turned out to be really tough.
1  Stars
By Nisha Daginawala
Disappointing... Too little broth, noodles not great and didn't even come with chopsticks?!
3  Stars
By Guy Farber
Love! Love! Love!
5  Stars
By Jessica Watson
While the quality of the meat was very good and the seasonings were tasty I did not like the dipping sauce. When I've had Shaking Beef before it was served with a lemon/pepper sauce which I prefer. Also, the meal served 1, certainly NOT 2.
2  Stars
By Jeannette Brown
Portions much too small, not like Slanted Door or OTD. Had to supplement meal last minute. Flavors were good and easy to put together
3  Stars
By Dare Felchlin
5  Stars
By Denise Tyree
The chicken arrived with such a terrible smell I was scared to even cook it. Seriously not good.
1  Stars
By Ryan Scott
I was expecting more of a real cooking experience, and not opening several containers of pre chopped, pre mixed items and microwave and or otherwise heat up items. If this is the case, then just offer me the pre-portioned meals and i'll heat them.
4  Stars
By Tim Holmes
The flavor was okay, but the meat was disappointing. I thought the chicken would be thigh meat, but the package contained mostly breast meat that became very stringy after cooking to the exact time the direction suggested.
2  Stars
By Tommy Thorn
Delicious - but this is not enough for 2 people. My husband could have eaten this portion by himself. Lots of rice, not enough chicken
4  Stars
By Mandy Willian
Tasty chicken. But portion size was weak for two.
3  Stars
By K B.
Delicious! However the portion size is bit small
5  Stars
By Anna Wu
Absolutely Yummy!
5  Stars
By S Z.
Good flavor, options that require cooking need to be more obvious on the menu
4  Stars
By Christopher Morosini
The jalapeno was old. Not fresh. Chicken was still raw not fully cooked.
2  Stars
By Jessica Lisa Marie
Great flavor but portion is too small to serve 2.
3  Stars
By Maggie Tang
Taste was okay but way too much rice, and barely any chicken for two people. There was hardly any sauce, either. Instructions should include non-microwave option for preparing to accommodate customers who do not use microwaves.
1  Stars
By J M.
Much, much, much , much too sweet. Had to improve upon dish to make it edible. Never tasted this much sugar in dishes at Slanted Door. Will NOT order again!
1  Stars
By Nancy Freedman
Not enough chicken. Flavors were great.
4  Stars
By Heidi Walas
This is NOT enough to serve two. Could've ordered a large togo at a pho restaurant, pay the same amount and actually be satisfied. As a Vietnamese native, the broth is bland, making this meal mediocre and quite disappointing. Not recommended.
1  Stars
By Lana Ha
Loved this soup- super simple, but full of flavor. Fast, easy to make, and definitely something I would want to eat again.
5  Stars
By Stefanie Hull
This pho was fine, fresh, nothing extraordinary. Tiny packet of chicken. I think it's the only dish I've ordered on Munchery that seemed overpriced.
3  Stars
By Michelle Carter
Such a disappointment! Chicken was about 25% fat, randomly cut. Rice had a weird texture. The sauce did not create that wonderful carmelization you expect from this dish. Barely enough to feed 1 person. Would never order this again.
1  Stars
By Serafina Sands
Loved quickly cooking this and getting something that subtly tastes different than anything I make. It is enough for us two. (We have rice left over)
5  Stars
By Stephanie McAuliffe
This was a little bit too sweet. I'd love this more if it went a it lighter on the sugar. Overall, though, delicious.
4  Stars
By Sara Allen
Outstanding recipe! The quality of the beef was first rate. The rice microwaved to perfection. Presentation was grand. Pay close attention to his recommended timing for cooking beef. 5 minutes I think is the max.
5  Stars
By Peter Iannitti
My husband scarfed this dish up. I loved the fresh ginger and cilantro topping. Don't pass this one up.
5  Stars
By Michelle Lutsky
microwavable rice was pretty good, good thing I didn't add all the ginger and sauce was a bit too fishy for my taste - teriyaki sauce would have been better, but my picky daughter still liked it enough to eat it
4  Stars
By W .
This was quite good! The broth was flavorful and the chicken, though precooked, was good. I loved the shallots and herbs. My 5 year old also enjoyed it. I would order it again. Super easy to make.
4  Stars
By Brenda Austin
My second Ready to Cook Meal for 2 and even more disappointed. Far less food than in 2 prepared meals. Prep. took twice as long as suggested. Grease everywhere!! Food tasted good, but what a pain, price was high and we were still hungry.
1  Stars
By Lucinda Callaway
This was awful, I do not recommend it. Chicken was chewy and tastes terrible. Smelled foul.
1  Stars
By Haley Miller
It wasn't enough for me and my husband. It tasted fine but probably wouldn't order again
2  Stars
By Angela Haasch
Very tasty! Easy to follow instructions and the flavors were awesome. But this is not a meal for 2. It's for 1! Lots of rice leftover but the chicken portion is just for one. At this price point I would rather go out to eat or order in.
3  Stars
By Priscilla Lopez
Not enough food. This is not for 2 people. Really disappointed. The food was good though but when you plan for a dinner and you don't get enough food, it really sours the meal.
1  Stars
By Jacqueline Shreibati
Instruction card could be more clear.
4  Stars
By Roland Saekow