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Chef Emily Newmark

Alum of Gitane
(45290 Reviews)

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Born and raised in California, I've been surrounded by good food all of my life. My obsession with food started at the young age of three when I became addicted to watching reruns of Julia Child.

I attended the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in the Napa Valley, where I honed my skills and began to turn my passion into a career.

I got my start at the very popular Tender Greens, where I learned the art of making the perfect salad. I worked in several restaurants in Southern and Northern California, exposing myself to a variety of cuisines. Through traveling and experiencing the rich culinary diversity of San Francisco, I have learned that my passion is cooking in a Mediterranean stye with a California flare. I am also inspired by the complexity that comes with playing with different spices from around the world.

In 2010, I met my mentor, Bridget Batson (also a Munchery chef) while working at Gitane. Under her guidance, she helped me become the chef I am today. She taught me the art of simplicity and the importance of using seasonal and local ingredients. I then moved on to their newly-opened sister restaurant, Claudine, where I eventually worked my way up to becoming the executive chef.

Now, I am excited to be at Munchery where I can showcase my passion for cooking and blending unique flavors to create amazing meals for you.

Total Reviews:
45290 reviews
Average Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Amazing dressing- best I’ve had in years. So satisfying!!
5  Stars
By Nilufar Etemad
Yummy and healthy for the kiddos.
5  Stars
By Lakesha Madison
5  Stars
By Michelle Edwards
This dish was a big hit with the kiddos and perfectly portioned for my toddler to share a bit with baby sister.
5  Stars
By Krischelle Love
A family member's favorite.
5  Stars
By Ilka Leverentz-Cline
Delicious! Just enough spice, Try it your will like it!
5  Stars
By Jacqueline Harringtom
Green beans were hard and rubbery. Meatballs tasted like ketchup.
1  Stars
By Shelly Harrington
It was neither filling nor flavorful
2  Stars
By Michelle Donnelly
Don’t order this burger. You’re better off satisfied going through ‘any’ drive thru at any burger joint. Sauce is bland & offensively chunky. Cheese is poorly flavored & sliced.
3  Stars
By J P
Not paying $12 for this
1  Stars
By Siêu TSoi
Not a particularly great hamburger. Would not re-order
3  Stars
By C P
The mash tastes like plastic
2  Stars
By Waheeda Hiller
Kids didn’t like it. I tried it and neither did I.
1  Stars
By Garin Hussenjian
It was mostly tortilla, not much inside
1  Stars
By Remi Audfray
As it said, balanced meal for kids. Not much sauce on it. Maybe should provide sauce on the side. But look at the nutritional levels ..... over 1200mgs of sodium in that dish. Wow.
2  Stars
By Denise Frye
This was one of my favorite things here. Perfect portion and the taste is sublime!
5  Stars
By Fiona Manning
Ours didn't have any cashews.
3  Stars
By Tamara Jacobson
Too briney
1  Stars
By Renee Ovando
Bun was borderline stale
3  Stars
By David Scheid
Way too spicy
2  Stars
By Melanie Lo
4  Stars
By Joni Jansen
Too spicy
3  Stars
By Helen Griffin
The meatloaf was not tasty. Only steamed green beans and roll got eaten.
1  Stars
By Collin Blakely
Too small
3  Stars
By Sam Moon
This burger was delicious! I do wish it came with those yummy potato wedges than wish chips.
4  Stars
By Cynthia Taylor
Bland flavor. Really disappointing.
2  Stars
By L S
Lettuce arrived wilted
3  Stars
By Moses Ma
Green beans not cooked. Bread was way too hard for our kid to enjoy.
3  Stars
By Colleen Kendrick
Heats up surprisingly well and tastes really good
5  Stars
By MaryAnne Pollack
Too cheesy
3  Stars
By Emily Sheridan
Nice little meal. Would prefer U serve the corn without mixture on it.
4  Stars
By R K
Would order again. Wasn’t sure about it but was pleasantly surprised as I am pretty picky about my burgers
4  Stars
By Betty Dooley
Too much onion
3  Stars
By Stephen Kline
Lettuce were all brown - had to throw it away. Also your customer support - Kalista M head kept insisting It is pink and not brown - essentially implying I can’t see color properly. She needs to be trained on how to communicate with customers
1  Stars
By M P
Too salty
3  Stars
By Jennifer Weedn
Chicken was tough, babies threw it on the floor :(
2  Stars
By Rebecca A.
We get this frequently and love it, but this last time there were not enough tomatoes or pickles!
4  Stars
By Jenny Griswold
Enjoyed the little meal....except for the stuff on the corn.
4  Stars
By R K
Not like the first time
1  Stars
By David Brizuela
Bun was missing from order and burger was rare. Funny taste also.
1  Stars
By Ritu Patel
Carrots too obvious
3  Stars
By Lisa Gatell
Really good, but pretty pink in the middle. Would definitely prefer more cooked.
4  Stars
By Laurie Altschul
Ketchup and mustard should come with. I loved when had bacon. Maybe an add on option?
3  Stars
By Bill Hanley
The dressing on this was really tasty!
5  Stars
By Jon Jelenko
A little bit of sharp cheddar won’t hurt. Can’t taste the cheese. Texture of pasta is good though.
2  Stars
By Katrina De La Fuente
Mine was all chickpeas, hardly any artichoke.
2  Stars
By Maria Pacheco
Ok, wow. Pleasantly surprised and impressed by this dish. Mildly spicy (IMO) and full of flavor. While I wish it had had just one more tortilla (still ate all that was left, don’t get me wrong!)
5  Stars
By Sarah Thomas
My toddler won’t eat raw veggies, so that part of the meal is wasted for us.
3  Stars
By Steven Sion
The bread / cheese was a really odd pairing with this. The price for this meal was too high for the ingredients
3  Stars
By Ashley Evans
Just kids didn't eat.
2  Stars
By Daniel Roiter