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Harmless Harvest

100% raw coconut water

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  1. Background

Stepping away from corporate lives, co-founders Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud started Harmless Harvest in 2009. Driven by the belief in positive consumerism and the need for more integrity in our brand-based culture, they were dedicated to creating a positive impact through business. It took two formative, humbling, and challenging years to deliver the first proof-of concept project: 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water. Putting our resources toward making rather than advertising, we rely on our product to speak for itself, and our customers to vouch for it. Read what people are saying.

Since our launch of the first ever ready-to-drink raw coconut water in 2011, there has been a positive shift in the industry’s standards. As we build Harmless Harvest’s presence, other companies are following our example and turning away from standard processed products and toward more ingredient integrity in manufacturing. With 2013’s launch of 100% Raw Teas, we continue to rethink the beverage industry from plant to shelf. We are proud to be part of the companies leading the change, working to bring better food and drink for all.