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Chef Jessica Manning

Alum of The Palm, Warren's Blackboard
(25 Reviews)

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Chef Manning points to some failed baking experiments at home as sparking her initial interest in studying food. She enrolled in culinary school and instantly fell in love with cooking and professional kitchens. She’s since put on a chef coat for a variety of food establishments from The Lawry’s Company to The Palm to Warren’s Blackboard to Pasadena’s Magnolia House.

But when Chef Manning thinks to her earliest food influences, she’s quick to point out she herself is Asian and Italian, eating rice with eggs for breakfast and pasta Bolognese for dinner. She likes to use the variety of her upbringing to put a twist on the classic dishes that Munchery offers. When she’s not brainstorming new dishes in the Munchery kitchen, you can find her strolling through the local farmers market, searching ethnic markets for special ingredients, and indulging in fancy whiskey tastings with friends.

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25 reviews
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4.3 out of 5 stars
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I loved every component -- and together, delicious, balanced perfection.
5  Stars
By Pamela S. White
This was such a simple and refreshing plate. Every component went perfectly with the cheese.
5  Stars
By Meridith Stokes
This was a little too spicy (and I like spice). I would have like to see the spice taken down a level.
3  Stars
By Lisa B.