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Chef Kimino Yuzu

Craft beverage maker from Japan
(387 Reviews)

Menu for Monday, January 21

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Our Kimino Yuzu is our first drink in our goal to bring more healthier and seasonal Japanese flavors to you.

Used for centuries in Japan, Yuzu is a distinctly sour and aromatic citrus fruit very high in vitamin C and polyphenols. The taste is best described as a blend between a lime and a grapefruit.

We use the whole fruit when we extract the juice, capturing the intense fragrance of the zest and the purest flavor profile of the Yuzu fruit that's why you'll find natural Yuzu zest on top of our bottles. It's a sign of our quality and authenticity

Total Reviews:
387 reviews
Average Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Yummy zesty refreshing taste. Great item on the menu.
5  Stars
By Shaw Yean Lim
A beautifully made beverage.
5  Stars
By Rob Kjendlie
Delightful-the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the floral acidity and fizz
5  Stars
By M. L.
Can’t et enough of these!
5  Stars
By Wai Lam
Refreshing with a little kick. Perfect as a cocktail for non-drinkers!
4  Stars
By Joanne Sperans
Was just ok. Pretty sweet. Left me thirsty.
3  Stars
By Beth Dioli
I love the taste of yuzu & this drink needs more yuzu. Currently it has 7% yuzu juice in each bottle & my taate buds tell me that it should be at least 10% or more
3  Stars
By Lowen Lee-Polanco

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