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Chef Raymond Reyes

Alum of Gather, Michael Mina, Blowfish
(54027 reviews)

Menu for Sunday, December 11

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Chef Raymond started cooking at the age of 15. He then attended culinary school at Mission College in San Jose, California. After graduation, Chef Raymond threw himself into the fire and worked his way around the some of the best kitchens in the Bay Area including Gather, Michael Mina, Blowfish Sushi, Yoshi's, Sushi Ran, and Bistro Liaison.

Working under great chefs, Chef Raymond developed his craft. Today, he focuses on local farmers and fresh, sustainable, organic products that he uses to prepare meals for Munchery customers.

Total Reviews:
54027 reviews
Average Rating:
4.2 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
This always hit the spot.
5  Stars
By Emmanuelle Lee
So good. Best thing on Munchery menu. Could use a better side or bigger salad.
5  Stars
By Conor Quinlan
Rich and yummy. I ate half last night. Will eat the rest today for lunch.
5  Stars
By Stephanie Kareht
These are so tasty. Perfect mix of flavors
5  Stars
By Kim Haas
This was very good. My husband really liked it. He even let met have a bite. Lol
5  Stars
By Dawn Herrick
Excellent but I would use more greens for the salad.:) LOVVVVVED it.
5  Stars
By J C.
Needs feta or Gorgonzola cheese!!
1  Stars
By Carrie Dinkelspiel
Did not taste fresh!
2  Stars
By Jessica Goldband
Meat wasn't quality- mushy & fatty.
3  Stars
By Laura Wehrley
Why the pesto, interfered with the taste of the bolognese , which was stand alone good!!!
4  Stars
By Connee Northway
Kinda mushy, don't know how to fix that
3  Stars
By Kris Dalmacio
Very, very good. Excellent Bolognese ragu. Tasty and simple side salad. Would definitely order again.
5  Stars
By Kathleen McKinley
Will have to try again, and heat up in the oven as some suggested. Wasn't all that happy using the microwave...needs more meat in the sauce though. And I agree the salad needs to be bigger! Who eats or gives you a handful of salad?
2  Stars
By Ava Espinoza
Wayyyyyy too much garlic, even for "with pesto"
1  Stars
By Ellen Wilfley
Tasty! Good portion!
4  Stars
By Christopher Diez
Small portion, large hunks of beets could be cut up into smaller pieces
2  Stars
By Lindsay Uribe
very disappointing. huge pieces of nothing but fat, not enough pickles or sauce.
1  Stars
By Marianne Ades
Great Asian tacos! Wonderful flavor in the pork belly. Need a touch more of the yummy pickled veggies and at least two more sprigs of cilantro to cover all the tacos. Maybe an option to buy extra tacos "buns" too!
4  Stars
By Jennifer Marozas
Too rich, maybe make pesto a side ingredient that can be added
3  Stars
By Leah Schoellkopf
5  Stars
By Rob Van Essen
Too much sauce
3  Stars
By Briana Danielson
Portion was very small and the salad was no more than 2 small bites
3  Stars
By Theresa Jear
It was good. It's just creamier than I like my lasagna.
3  Stars
By D H.
Small portion and no much between the noodles. Sauce was a bit salty
1  Stars
By Carla Pascale
Too much cheese, the elevated richness and taste of which does not blend well with pesto.
3  Stars
By Neil Larsen
Bit bland compared to the first time
3  Stars
By Daniel Salas
Nothing special about this. Leaves a lot to be desired especially because of the price.
2  Stars
By Jan White
The pork was to greasy.
1  Stars
By Claudia Stafford
the buns are tiny. give more please
3  Stars
By G B.
Need double sauce! One is never enough
4  Stars
By Ana Laakmann
It was too runny. Fell apart - needs to have less sauce
2  Stars
By Gail Callan
Wrong order I got the chicken instead
1  Stars
By Maxime Domain
Too much salt.
3  Stars
By John Menfi
Mushy texture; very little flavor
2  Stars
By Adam Johnson
The rolls were not soft
3  Stars
By Tim E
One of my favs, but this time the buns were old. Friday night, things are crazy, so still 4 stars.
4  Stars
By J W
Tasty. There was a layer of some kind of white sauce that I wasn't crazy about, but overall it was good. I went with the (toaster) oven-reheating method.
4  Stars
By Amy Goldfine
Not in the bag
1  Stars
By S P.
The dough seemed not fresh and fell apart when I tried to fill the taco part of it. Very unhappy was expecting a lot more from the picture. Not to mention all the meat was cold and didn't taste very good, not ordering anything from you ever again.
1  Stars
By Finn Robertson
5  Stars
By Nancy Glieden
The serving of beets and walnuts I received was a joke. 3 pieces of beer and 2 walnut half. REALLY?!
1  Stars
By Ute Cordova
It tastes like no bake noodles were used - I have found that unless they are eaten right away they get soggier and soggier and just don't taste as nice as regular lasagna noodles. Also it's pretty annoying to have to dump the salad out to heat it u
3  Stars
By Leda Mast
3  Stars
By Michael Curry
The buns were too tiny!
3  Stars
By Hsiao Yu Chen
It is what it is -- fat.
2  Stars
By Sydelle Raffe
Too small
3  Stars
By Yesenia Montiel
Love the pork nap- could use a larger container of sauce
4  Stars
By Michael Roman
Seems like the portion has gotten smaller since the last few times I have gotten this.
2  Stars
By Jackee Marshall
Pork is not pulled and is fatty!
1  Stars
By Ashlee Duprey
This was the second lasagne we ordered from Munchery and the other (a vegetarian one) was better.
3  Stars
By Sunny Huo

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