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Chef Raymond Reyes

Alum of Gather, Michael Mina, Blowfish
(51710 reviews)

Menu for Tomorrow, September 26

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Chef Raymond started cooking at the age of 15. He then attended culinary school at Mission College in San Jose, California. After graduation, Chef Raymond threw himself into the fire and worked his way around the some of the best kitchens in the Bay Area including Gather, Michael Mina, Blowfish Sushi, Yoshi's, Sushi Ran, and Bistro Liaison.

Working under great chefs, Chef Raymond developed his craft. Today, he focuses on local farmers and fresh, sustainable, organic products that he uses to prepare meals for Munchery customers.

Total Reviews:
51710 reviews
Average Rating:
4.2 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Very good. Had enough left for lunch the next day.
5  Stars
By Janet Foust
Fantastic flavor – I would've liked a little more slaw/topping.
5  Stars
By Kris Diede
This lasagna is like crack. As a lifelong meat lasagna lover and connoisseur, I say this elevates the genre!
5  Stars
By Krischelle Love
Delicious! But so many tortillas
5  Stars
By Karin Robinsantos
The meat was really tasty. Could have been a little bit more though.
5  Stars
By James Waytenick
Tons of flavor and juiciness. I liked the various toppings that it comes with.
5  Stars
By Brian Peeters
These were absolutely delicious! Would absolutely order again.
5  Stars
By Melissa Gustavson
Too oily when reheated. Ran out ends of taco. Not enough for 4 tortillas.Sauce good but not related to Hawaii or pork.
3  Stars
By William A. Grimes
Delicious but could have used a little bit more pork! I'd be happy to pay more for more pork.
4  Stars
By J K.
Ridiculously small portion of pulled pork. Enough for 1 taco, although you provided 4 tortillas. Common guys .....I'm a fan, but this meal isn't enough to feed a child.
2  Stars
By Michael Dolan
5  Stars
By Michelle Hansberry
Flavors were great but we wanted more meat!
4  Stars
By Brianne Koch
More meat
3  Stars
By Jeff Eichenfield
Some might love it, but too high on the cheese for us and too low on the meat.
3  Stars
By J Y.
Minus 1 star for the amount of meat given. The amount of pork is good for about 3 tacos. They need to provide more ingredients to make the 4 tacos.
4  Stars
By Kevin Lim
Soooo delicious. The only downside was that it didn't come with a lot of the pork. But that's ok because the other fixings filled it up too. Amazing flavors!
4  Stars
By Brooke Halverstadt
Quantity of food was disappointingly small. There was barely enough to make 1.5 tacos. Pork quality was unexpectedly pasty-like rather than pulled pork resemblance. Improvements here very much needed.
1  Stars
By Kong Loh
5  Stars
By Lisa Jensen
I didn't feel there was as much pork shoulder as there should have been. The sauce was not my favorite and seemed to overpower the taco, If I order again I will use very little. Both the pork and mango salsa tasted great.
4  Stars
By Bill Williams
The was amazing, I ordered 2; one for me and one for my father. Would have been a 5 star rating but one piece was significantly larger than the other.
4  Stars
By Jorge Mejia
5  Stars
By Alex Gammelgard
Wrong meal delivered. But that's okay... I want to try Munchery again and for it to work well
1  Stars
By Zack Chartash
One word AMAZING!
5  Stars
By Ashlee Brooks
Not enough meat
3  Stars
By Dora Chan
Nothing bad to say, just not something I was excited about. Good flavor and perfect portion size.
3  Stars
By Kristin Peralta
Pork was so tender & juicy. Loved the mango salsa.
5  Stars
By Jorge Mejia
Pork was a big jelly blob. Red sauce was terrible. Mango no flavor not ripe.
2  Stars
By Gina Maki
Very fatty and not enough veggies for 4 tacos
3  Stars
By Janice Fried
Taste was there just no enough pork.
4  Stars
By Kevin Dillon
Was enough for two tacos.
3  Stars
By Mary Collie
A little too much visible fat in the pork; I added avocado which provided an extra zing to the dish.
4  Stars
By Serena Callaway
Meat portion could be increased, otherwise excellent flavors!
3  Stars
By Julie Brady
Really tasty but small portions!
4  Stars
By Michelle Gebhardt
Stingiest serving of meat I've seen. Not enough for even 2 tacos (I'm a tiny person too). Even worse, a giant piece was entirely fat.
2  Stars
By R S.
3  Stars
By Jesse Chase
This was delicious - but the small portion of pulled pork was barely enough for one taco once the fat was removed. A tasty appetizer - but not a meal.
2  Stars
By Hal Plotkin
Too salty/spicy for me
2  Stars
By Sandra Pazanin
Pork was a bit too fatty, and it wasn't pulled. Also portion was small.
3  Stars
By Erica Tam
Finally. A Munchery entree that's well spiced. Delicious.
4  Stars
By David Frey
Needs more pineapple salsa
3  Stars
By Jeffrey Wong
Not much pork!
3  Stars
By Stefanie Carroll
Too small amount of vegetables. Preferably, finer cut of cabbage. Otherwise, very tasty. Could be 5 stared
4  Stars
By Kitako Shelton
Not enough pork and fillings for number of tortillas. Taste was good.
4  Stars
By Anna Marvin
Portion of pork is small, especially once I remove the large fatty blobs
3  Stars
By Marina Walker
The flavor is great but generally speaking this dish lacks some consistency. After a couple orders I found varying amounts of the garnish and the meat-to-tortilla ratio is off; 4 tortillas that are too big or meat portion too small.
4  Stars
By Alexander Anderson
Nothing Hawaiian tasting here. Pork is flavorless, portion very small...sure wanted to like it!
2  Stars
By Marti Medina
Barely enough pork for two tacos, but four HUGE tortillas?
3  Stars
By Erika Heggie
Meat portion was ridiculously small. It was only enough for one taco.
2  Stars
By Emily Cheng
Sorry, way too spicy for me. Portions were good. I shared my husband's chicken Marcella.
2  Stars
By Josie Territo
Flavor good but real skimpy with the meat portion. Good enough for 1.25 tacos
4  Stars
By Victor Karpenko

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