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Chef Robert Cubberly

Director of Culinary R&D
(41443 reviews)

Menu for Monday, March 27

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Before joining Munchery as our Head of Culinary, Chef Robert Cubberly spent 20 years at various award-winning restaurants in the Bay Area, including many years partnering with Cindy Pawlcyn at the Real Restaurants Group and Bradley Ogden at Lark Creek Inn, both driving forces in the rebirth of American Regional, from-scratch cooking.

During those years he received 3-star reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, plus write-ups in both Gourmet and Food Arts magazines. 
After spending a year in Europe, he opened his own 3-star French bistro, Le Petit Robert, on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 2001.

In 2007, Chef Cubberly ventured into corporate dining; he led three cafes at Google and developed their beta supper club. He then started Local Foodworks, a home meal delivery service in 2009.

He joined Starbucks in 2012 as a product developer, using sustainably raised food in large-scale production to create a new level of food quality at an affordable price. 

When he’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find him at a San Francisco Giants game, digging in his garden, or hiking through the woods with a pack on his back.

Total Reviews:
41443 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
My family of boys love this! So delicious!
5  Stars
By Stephanie Tomao
One of my favorite salads
5  Stars
By Kathy O'Connell
Munchey has only good meals, our weekly go to...
5  Stars
By Adelbart Banks
Amazing. Would get again 10 times out of 10.
5  Stars
By Ben Shore
Luv this salad. I bulk it up with fresh spinach! Also, the nutritional info was way different (910 vs 420 cal) then the last time I ordered and all that was different was there was a 1/2 full container of dressing, last time just lime slice.
5  Stars
By Kim Vernor
Please always leave this on your menu! A def favorite in our house.
5  Stars
By Dawn Lambert
Could have had more meat in the serving otherwise very good.
3  Stars
By Derek Lassiter
5  Stars
By Kevin Shimabuku
The salmon was just okay. There wasn't must flavor to it, a bit bland. The worst part was the bones. There were bones in my salmon. It's hard to enjoy a salmon filet if you have to pick the bones out of your mouth.
2  Stars
By Joanna Louie
A little bland.
3  Stars
By Crystal Brunzell
Where is the lettuce?
3  Stars
By Amy Allen
Had it many times, always exellent!
5  Stars
By Frances McCrea
Wish the portion was a bit bigger but this is my husbands favorite dish from Munchery.
5  Stars
By Julie Campbell
One of my very favorite entrees.
5  Stars
By Suzanne Hanrahan
Excellent sandwich with just enough extras.
5  Stars
By Joanne Smith
Is this supposed to be pulled pork? If so, mine was more mushed pork. Would definitely be better if the pork was still intact with bbq sauce. But still edible.
3  Stars
By K T.
Needs a bolder salad dressing
3  Stars
By Susan Parrish
Over cooked salmon and not enough sauce not a fan of this dish
2  Stars
By Diane Volgenau
More flavor or dressing
3  Stars
By Norm Strong
Fish wasn't fresh and tasted fishy.
2  Stars
By Jason Washington
Delicious. Will order it every time it's available.
5  Stars
By Ken Hollar
A lot of pieces of fat :(
2  Stars
By Rebecca Troxler
Absolutely fabulous! Wonderful mix of flavors.
5  Stars
By J W.
The salmon was perfect after 1 minute in the microwave, any longer and it would be overdone - as per the instructions. There was too much dill and not enough lettuce. Even so it was delicious.
4  Stars
By Laurie Shlala
Pretty good; always a favorite.
4  Stars
By Branden Burell
Meat had gristle in it. Too chewy.
3  Stars
By Deborah JAsso
Wasn't delivered
1  Stars
By Ashley Henderson
Mostly fat and gristle!
3  Stars
By M L.
Too many capers
2  Stars
By Sarah Hagenbuch
One of the best things on the menu.
5  Stars
By David Devaleria
This was the first Munchery meal that I've ordered, and I was pleasantly surprised. The spicy aioli was a perfect ingredient that balanced the sweetness of the pork. I would definitely try other things by this chef. Thanks.
5  Stars
By Nestor Alvarez
This was definitely a small portion but the salmon was so moist; it was a yummy compilation with the veggies and capers.
4  Stars
By Danielle Warren
This salmon dish was not edible! Overly salty and incredibly fishy tasting. I usually love salmon but this was either very old or seasoned in such a way that was very unpalatable.
1  Stars
By Christine Albin
Same feedback as last time. Tasty but unbalanced/strange proportions. Hardly any lettuce, far too much quinoa for any one human to consume, and I personally think it's missing a bit of crunch & spice. So I doctor up w/lettuce, jalapeños, peppers
3  Stars
By Lisa Worrall
Tonight brioche was so fatty that it was inedible.
1  Stars
By Dave Barnard
I ordered and paid for two dinners and only got one!
1  Stars
By Karen Kang
Tasty, healthy and delicious!
5  Stars
By Julie Bellagamba
This was delivered to me by someone on a motorcycle. It had been stored in its side and was a single pile of mush when it arrived.
2  Stars
By Joe Sherman
Pork should have been shredded more, it was served up as clumps of pork so I had to do the shredding.
4  Stars
By Lawrence Kim
The salmon wasn't quite fresh and I kept burping up fish.
2  Stars
By Holly Ramos
The salmon was a pasty consistence. Perhaps it had marinated in the citrus vinagrette too long, but the texture rendered it inedible. The only really good thing in the whole dish were the beets. Not a good dinner.
1  Stars
By Susan Cadile
It needed double the lettuce.
2  Stars
By Natalie Fuchs
The pork was half fat and gristle
1  Stars
By David Frey
was there sugar in the meat? too swe sweet
2  Stars
By A E.
The choice of capers was a nice addition. However, with the amount of capers added with the lemon seasoned cauliflower, made the sour/bitterness a little overpowering. Salmon could use a little more seasoning. But, overall, good choice combinations
3  Stars
By K Sze
Salmon good. The rest, not so much. I'll pick a different Salmon recipe next time.
3  Stars
By Jo Anne Covington
A quarter of the meat was fat.
3  Stars
By Eric Burford
Kind of bland - needed lots of shiraccha
3  Stars
By Christine Naccarelli
Fish wasn't so fresh
2  Stars
By Elana Jagoda
What's to be bad with lemon and capers? One of my favorite dishes. I love the crispy veggies, and the capers and lemon really set off the salmon perfectly.
5  Stars
By L P.

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