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Chef Scott Newman

Alum of Rubicon (Exec Chef), Coyote Cafe
(68031 reviews)

Menu for Today, March 25

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As a young man, Scott Newman thought he wanted to be an actor, so the creative atmosphere of the professional kitchen was a perfect fit. He started his wild-ride cooking career in San Francisco working at Masa’s under Julian Serrano, and then moved to the tinsel of Los Angeles to work with Joachim Splichal at the highly acclaimed Patina. As Possonier, he honed his natural love of fish, while continuing to develop a wide-ranging repertoire of his own.

He came to San Francisco to help open Rubicon as Sous Chef and would go on to become Executive Chef.

With his family in the Southwest, Scott relocated first to Santa Fe to be the chef of the Coyote Café, and then to Arizona to be a partner in a new multi-locale restaurant group.

But the allure of opportunity in the multi-cultural Bay Area brought him back as a private chef and caterer.

Total Reviews:
68031 reviews
Average Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Delicious. One of my favorites
5  Stars
By Kathy O'Connell
One of the best dishes I've ever had!
5  Stars
By Arielle Calara
Succulent fish!
5  Stars
By George Hawkins
Include bread, breadstick or roll with each meal would make things more complete.
5  Stars
By Cindy Mundorff
Second time we ordered this entree-it it a hearty portion and delicious!
5  Stars
By Nancy Guptill
Amazingly delicious, especially the truffled polenta!
5  Stars
By M. L.
could be spicier!
3  Stars
By Chuck Thegze
Decent portion but the breading and sauce needed salt and maybe some fresh herbs . Lack of flavor
3  Stars
By Danielle Warren
It was too much bread and not much taste
3  Stars
By Lesli Mays
Too much salt !!!
3  Stars
By Patrick Storme
Instructions did not say what to do with cheese. Utensils would be nice.
3  Stars
By Manfred Yu
Didn't receive food
1  Stars
By Kevin Gough
Love the spaghetti and meatballs.
5  Stars
By Tami Devine
2  Stars
By Marcia Holbrook
Needed more carrots. Very good taste.
4  Stars
By Janet Redman
delivered the wrong meal. still waiting for munchery to respond and re-deliver. I did not order chicken and brussel sprouts
1  Stars
By Patrick Weisman
The chicken tasted like leather. Completely inedible
1  Stars
By Jenn S
Potatoes were really bland. Liked the salmon and kale though.
3  Stars
By Andrea Angquist
Was about half garlic cloves by volume!
3  Stars
By Alexis Birkmeyer
The salmon was bland.
3  Stars
By David Shih
Kale was a little too garlicky.
4  Stars
By Y P.
Lacked of flavor.
4  Stars
By Itzia Oregon
Salmon was horribly fishy, if nicely cooked. Unedible.
1  Stars
By T H.
Incredibly small portions
3  Stars
By Daniel Lu
These seem to keep getting smaller and smaller. Very disappointing.
2  Stars
By Derek Johnson
Salmon portion was fine but I was only given three small pieces of potato on the side
2  Stars
By Katelyn Harris
The salmon wasn't a good quality.
3  Stars
By Nayely Trottier
Needs sauce
3  Stars
By Vishal Jangla
Hmm- I usually love garlic but the meat ball didn't taste very fresh and had too much over powering it
2  Stars
By Kathleen Frederickson
Meat was tough and missed out on mushrooms in one of the orders. Sad, was looking forward to this meal, as I love short ribs. Tasted more like tough stew meat, unfortunately.
1  Stars
By Joni Richcreek
Zero flavor. Tasteless meatballs. Sauce without any personality.
1  Stars
By Hassan Movahhed
Meat looked nothing like short rib. More like sliced pot roast. Definitely nothing like the picture. Three slices of beef not close to dark and carrots were the peeled snack size baby carrots from the market. Polenta was too mushroomy. Disappointing!
1  Stars
By G B.
Meal was terrific except that the Broccoli was well done instead of cooked 1/2 way and crunchy.
4  Stars
By R K.
Beef too tough to eat. No flavor. Carrots and polenta ok
2  Stars
By Ruth J Wisnom
The potatoes were great. The salmon had no flavor, bland, "fishy" taste. It needed a basil butter to add on top or something, And the kale was bitter--there are ways to take the bitterness off kale and give it flavor. Not a meal I would reorder.
2  Stars
By Sylvia Fike
5  Stars
By Melissa Thomas
Horrible. We ordered this many times before & were happy. Meat was SO tough, we had to use a should fall apart (& has in the past). Vday gets a bad rep for sub par food, but this awful. Would love (expect?) a refund...
1  Stars
By Tiffany Schmidt
Super delicious although there were more garlic cloves than potatoes
4  Stars
By M. L.
This was just not very tasty nor the meat tender. Serviceable but not memorable.
3  Stars
By Andrys Basten
Kinda fishy
3  Stars
By Michelle Macphee
I literally received to pieces of roasted potato. That is not a full portion. There was very little kale under the salmon. I noticed throughout the last couple of orders that quality and portion has steadily gone down.
1  Stars
By Marcella Di Sciullo
Sauce was not very appealing...would prefer a sweeter sauce
3  Stars
By Lisa Sellers
Nice concept but not as good as I had hoped. Polenta was a bit watery (would have been MUCH better with potatoes). Carrots were overcooked and were baby carrots not the ones pictured. Good in concept, Execution could have been a bit better.
2  Stars
By Heather Heath
It was too spicy for my elder parents.
3  Stars
By Danny Woerz
Needs more salt and would benefit from whole lemons for more citrus flavor
3  Stars
By Luis Marengo
The carrots in the picture are NOT what we received. We got baby carrots like you buy by the bag.
2  Stars
By Matthew Pausa
5  Stars
By Lorri Farr
There was something weird in the meatloaf that I couldn't identify. It led to bad breath and didn't taste good.
3  Stars
By Jeremy Fuller
Yum hubby loved it that says a lot will definitely order again thanks Munchery !!!
5  Stars
By Dori Sullas
The meat was too chewy, not "fall apart tender" as stated. There was not enough gravy for the polenta and meat and it was not very flavorful. I have had this dish before and it was much better then. Many reviews make this same comment. Fix it!
2  Stars
By Pat Blumenthal

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