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Chef Scott Newman

Alum of Rubicon (Exec Chef), Coyote Cafe
(73111 Reviews)

Menu for Today, August 14

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As a young man, Scott Newman thought he wanted to be an actor, so the creative atmosphere of the professional kitchen was a perfect fit. He started his wild-ride cooking career in San Francisco working at Masa’s under Julian Serrano, and then moved to the tinsel of Los Angeles to work with Joachim Splichal at the highly acclaimed Patina. As Possonier, he honed his natural love of fish, while continuing to develop a wide-ranging repertoire of his own.

He came to San Francisco to help open Rubicon as Sous Chef and would go on to become Executive Chef.

With his family in the Southwest, Scott relocated first to Santa Fe to be the chef of the Coyote Café, and then to Arizona to be a partner in a new multi-locale restaurant group.

But the allure of opportunity in the multi-cultural Bay Area brought him back as a private chef and caterer.

Total Reviews:
73111 reviews
Average Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
I can’t believe how good this was—wish I’d ordered two!
5  Stars
By J W
Too good for words!!
5  Stars
By Donna Reardon
Excellent sandwich. Will order again.
5  Stars
By J K
Really delicious. Just as good as the lobster roll at half the price.
5  Stars
By J D
Sooooo tasty and a ton of shrimp!!! This continues to be one of my favorite Menu items.
5  Stars
By Phyllis Foster
One of my favorites and so far has been prepared consistently well.
5  Stars
By Marley Quirante
Love this dish.vUsually order it when on the menu.
5  Stars
By Marilyn Bonner
Never got it
1  Stars
By Erik Salazar
The potato and green beans were very good, but the steak was not. The meat was pretty tough and the butter on top was just fine.
3  Stars
By Holly Quarles
You can have your delivery people deliver the meal to my door and not just left in the lobby. If the delivery drivers want a tip then I expect them to work for it!! Absolutely ridiculous that I have to make an extra trip downstairs to pick it up!
3  Stars
By Kirk Rettberg
We love this dish! Excellent quality meat and delicious potato and beans.
5  Stars
By Sue Kurpius
Flavor is excellent, but the portion is WAY too small!
4  Stars
By Cherise Kadrmas
Rice and broccoli under cooked.
3  Stars
By Rachel Balsley
Pork was fatty and this dish lacked flavor. Was one of the most disappointing meals I've had from Munchery.
1  Stars
By Rahul Oak
It was 100% grease and gristle!!!
1  Stars
By Molly Dinh
Salmon delicious as always .
5  Stars
By Marilyn Bonner
So great. More chicken please.
5  Stars
By S F
The broccoli stems which I usually love were unusually tough and stringy
3  Stars
By Maraya Holland
Green beans like plastic. Otherwise very nice
4  Stars
By Janet Redman
Way too much fat on the steak
3  Stars
By Kristina Calvey
Portion was tiny compared to the last time..broccolini was gray and tasted awful, had to throw it away.
1  Stars
By Elina Drozdova
Not missing, but rice portion came inside shattered plastic container, so it was unedible -- little bits of plastic were mixed with rice. I think I should get at least a partial refund.
1  Stars
By Bruno Ruviaro
Too much parsley
3  Stars
By Dorothee Saddier
More rice please! Thanks
3  Stars
By Nina Fargo
Not enough rice with the stew.
3  Stars
By Janson Wu
The portion size is good. However, the “blue cheese butter” didn’t taste anything like blue cheese :( The menu description is incorrect. The main reason why I ordered this menu item was because of blue cheese, so I was a little disappointed
3  Stars
By Soyeon Kim
Was given Red chili beef short rib tacos. Not the Santa Fe Green Chili stew I was looking forward to. Y The bag had the correct order on the outside and he wrong items in the bag.
1  Stars
By Libby Taylor
Less onion & bell pepper side
3  Stars
By Christine Shodiss
Puddle of bell peppers - nasty
3  Stars
By Andrew Susskind
Size of salmon TINY
3  Stars
By Julie Koebel
Overall, a very good and filling meal. However, give its name of Santa Fe style "chili" stew - had little natural bite to it. It was easy enough to spice up and make quite sumptuous. Pork pieces were nicely seared, then slow cooker (was fairly).
3  Stars
By Ralph Porter
Pasta was way over cooked prior to reheating it.
3  Stars
By Crystal Sumner
Cooking instructions were not correct. Took longer than indicated.
3  Stars
By Erin Ellinwood
Never arrived
1  Stars
By James Chenault
Meat was really fatty
3  Stars
By Enchi Liu
Everything tasted good but unfortunately we got a very small piece of salmon that seemed even smaller than some of the kid’s meal portion we’d gotten before.
4  Stars
By Vickie Chang
The meat was really tough. Unusual
2  Stars
By Angie Rohr
The steak was rotten. I’d like a refund please.
1  Stars
By Heather Thompson
I could not eat this steak. It was mostly gristle and even my dog had a hard time with it. It makes me want to stop my membership, Not happy!
1  Stars
By Phil Kenyon
We have ordered this in the past and, while the sauce is still good, the pork supplier has changed and we found a noticeable difference in quality since the supplier changed. Not a do-over in the future.
4  Stars
By J R
Fresh lovely broccoli
5  Stars
By Marcy Ballard
The accompaniments were delicious. The steak had zero flavor. I threw it out.
1  Stars
By Brenda Brenda
Old when arrived. Not good.
1  Stars
By Sharon Strahm
Very fishy tasting salmon, and I usually love salmon
3  Stars
By Monica Stein
Would have enjoyed this dish with more rice.
3  Stars
By Robert Hawk
The rice was over cooked/mushy and the broccolini undercooked.
3  Stars
By Leyli Satvat
Allergic to bell peppers. Last time I ordered similar meal no bells. My fault for not checking, but I will say I’ve cut back orders due to increase in bell peppers used in meals.
2  Stars
By Adria Carney
Cole slaw was good. Shrimp was so-so.
4  Stars
By R K
I lived in Santa Fe for over twenty years and had lots of green chile stew at both homes and restaurants. Munchery's flavor was quite good. However, there were way too many large chunks of fat to make this dish palatable. Won't be ordering again.
2  Stars
By Harvey Widroe
Too much fat
1  Stars
By Lawrence Nelson

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