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Chef SolidariTEA

Small-farm tea leaves
(251 Reviews)

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Total Reviews:
251 reviews
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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Tastes bad but gulped it down
5  Stars
By Alice Taylor
Great taste (not too sweet, nor does it have harsh chemical taste). Goes great with food
5  Stars
By Cathy Daly
I absolutely loved this drink it had great taste of light rose that was very refreshing.
5  Stars
By Shannon Hodge
It's my favorite bottle of iced tea I've ever tried. I love the blueberry!
5  Stars
By Casey Tsui
Really nice tea!
5  Stars
By Casey Tsui
I love this tea! It has bold, delicious flavor without all of the unnecessary sugary additives.
5  Stars
By J. C.
I really loved the solidaritea! The cinnamon is absolutely delicious and the tea is refreshing without being overpoweringly sweet. I don't even feel guilty drinking this since the sugar is minimal, no weird fake sugars or additives, and all organic.
5  Stars
By Marisa Lafontaine
Overpriced, but good taste
3  Stars
By Brian Elliott