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Chef Steven Levine

Alum of Cosmopolitan (Exec Chef), Zoë
(88531 reviews)

Menu for Today, July 24

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I am a New York City raised chef who fell in love with The Bay Area. I moved here with my wife and two daughters 15 years ago and aside from still rooting for the Yankees, I haven't looked back since. I have over 25 years experience working in some of the finest Contemporary American restaurants in NYC and The Bay Area such as The River Cafe, Aureole, The Quilted Giraffe, Zoe Restaurant, Freestyle in Sonoma and most recently The Cosmopolitan in San Francisco.

Total Reviews:
88531 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
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1 star
5  Stars
By Bill McDaniel
The moussaka was wonderful and the side greek salad was just icing on the cake. The only problem was that the 2 dishes should be separated so one can heat the moussaka without having to transfer the salad to another plate.
5  Stars
By Judy Doi
Very nice! Competent presentation.
5  Stars
By M R.
This is really good. Satisfying and filling. Delicious!
5  Stars
By Natalie Baker
This is my very favorite!
5  Stars
By Jackie Grissom
This Lamb Moussaka is amazing. Please put it on the menu more often. The texture is light and the flavors are incredible. I recently returned from Greece where I often ordered moussaka, but it was never as good as this.
5  Stars
By Pat Blumenthal
The focaccia could be softer and more flavorful. The texture is inconsistent. Some parts are doughier than others. Also, it wasn't sliced this time, which was annoying.
3  Stars
By R S.
Really good! Love the rice pilaf. Keep that coming. Tasty chicken. Very good dish.
5  Stars
By Kerry Bostrom
So good and a great portion!
5  Stars
By Erica Day
There was hardly any lamb! We have ordered this before and it was great. Tonight both portions were a sloppy mess with vey little lamb.
1  Stars
By Kathryn Flanagan
This is delicious! The only issue is that the salad is not in a removable container, so you end up needing to microwave it with the lamb. It would be better if you could do them separately.
4  Stars
By Jenny Strakovsky
Enjoyed this meal except for the poorly cooked pilaf.
4  Stars
By R K.
The moussaka had delicate flavors and was a hearty portion. I would order it again tomorrow!
5  Stars
By Joan Young
2nd time ordering- so good, think I'll have another bite - wait - what - where'd it go?
5  Stars
By D F.
Who doesn't love fried chicken? And the potatoes had wonderful flavor as well.
5  Stars
By Juli Salcedo
Probably the yummiest dish I've had on Munchery
5  Stars
By An Lam
Great flavor, only con was there could have been a bit more meat. The meat in the picture looks medium rare, but when you get it in the aus jus it is already medium. Still good and tasty and would probably order again.
4  Stars
By Michele Neighbors
The chicken was mediocre, and the potatoes (that I was so excited about!) were really bland.
3  Stars
By Brittany Huntington
Would love a breast vs a thigh
3  Stars
By Danielle Lanthier
Great flavor, especially Chef Levine's version of 'rice-a-roni'. Chicken a bit tough although I followed oven instructions.
4  Stars
By D D.
Beef was bland. And there was no horseradish. Can't have a dip without horseradish
3  Stars
By John Banks
Fantastic. Although rice is not needed. And there were only a few random shreds of cheese in the box.
5  Stars
By Emily Goswami
Chicken was great. Sides were not
3  Stars
By Namik Hawkins
Could be thicker chili
4  Stars
By Marilyn Riggs
Love the toppings. Portion size way too small.
3  Stars
By Michael Fisher
Excellent! Loved the salad, too. Yum.
5  Stars
By Laura Brewer
Actually instead of lemon-rosemary chicken we got lemon-raspberry cake xD
5  Stars
By Alena Khaburina
T h e   c h i c k e n   p o r t i o n   o f   t h e   t o m a t o   b r a i s e d   c h i c k e n   a n d   p o l e n t a   w a s   r a t h e r   s m a l l .   I t   w a s   o n e   s m a l l   b o n e l e s s   t h i g h .   Great flavor
2  Stars
By Loretta Watts
Tasted like rainbow white bread. No Olive oil or sea salt taste, nor did I taste rosemary. Very, very disappointing
1  Stars
By Casey Kuntz
would like veg in addition to salad
3  Stars
By Lauren Mendoza
Beef was overly fatty and tough.
3  Stars
By Sarah Brown
Just the right amount of spice for this southwestern food-lover. Skip the rice, though.
5  Stars
By Judy Cunningham
Flavor absolutely delicious. The salad / dressing flavor was excellent and wished there was more of it or possibly a much larger side salad .
5  Stars
By Judith Hellman
I definitely recommend toasting in the oven or toaster oven to get the bread a little crispy but delicious either way. Once you spread the bitter: HEAVEN!
5  Stars
By Yanira Piedra
Perfect!! That's all I can say !!!
5  Stars
By Amit Sirdeshpandey
Perhaps I did not know what I was ordering. But it was kind of bland and Greasy.
3  Stars
By Shelly Harrington
Hearty, though the bechamel is a little heavy.
4  Stars
By Pei-Lin Hsiung
My sandwich only came with 1 piece of meat! I ordered this because the reviews on it were good and raved about the great meat portion and how filling it was. I am very disappointed. Complained and was credited $1.05! Still incredibly disappointed
1  Stars
By Shira Stone
Just okay - not up to the standards of others
3  Stars
By Christine Celio
Warning-not trational moussaka. I'm greek and was excited to try this. If you are looking for authentic moussaka you will be dissaponted, there is no bechamel or potatoes and the spices seem more Spanish. Once I got over the authenticity I did enjoy
4  Stars
By Niki Friedman
The chicken was bloody and raw in the middle! Also there was no ice pack included. Please refund!
1  Stars
By Stephanie Drews
very good texture and taste
5  Stars
By Marilyn Baum
3  Stars
By Sara Allen
It was 105 degrees that day so didn't want to turn on oven to reheat. When eaten cold breading was a little much. Portion size good and sides were decent.
3  Stars
By Candy Corcoran
Your salad in the picture looked very good. Mine did not look anything like your picture was only s from leaves and two itty bitty tomatoes. Fraud!
3  Stars
By Eleanor Moulton
Tastes delicious, but moussaka got a bit mushy.
4  Stars
By Margaret OConnor
Needs more seasoning.
2  Stars
By Henry Villeda
Chicken was not tender
3  Stars
By Tracy Moorer
Fantastic! Not sure how authentic it is (never had Moussaka before), but the flavors and textures were delicious. Probably one of my favorite meals from Munchery so far. Also, a very good sized portion and the side salad complements the dish nicely.
5  Stars
By Andrea Sievers
Excellent! Flavorful, calorie efficient. Wish it was in the rotation more often.
5  Stars
By Stephen Dukker

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