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Chef Steven Levine

Alum of Cosmopolitan (Exec Chef), Zoë
(90430 reviews)

Menu for Today, August 23

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I am a New York City raised chef who fell in love with The Bay Area. I moved here with my wife and two daughters 15 years ago and aside from still rooting for the Yankees, I haven't looked back since. I have over 25 years experience working in some of the finest Contemporary American restaurants in NYC and The Bay Area such as The River Cafe, Aureole, The Quilted Giraffe, Zoe Restaurant, Freestyle in Sonoma and most recently The Cosmopolitan in San Francisco.

Total Reviews:
90430 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Absolutely loved this dish
5  Stars
By Ann Scalf
5  Stars
By Carol Holzman
Awesome, loved the horseradish sour cream.
5  Stars
By Jorge Mejia
Very fresh, well made, and delicious! NOT oversalted at all! (Mine had no salt on top, ordered twice).
5  Stars
By Denise McHugh
A favorite!
5  Stars
By Marilyn Patula
Love the food and delivery but packaging is still way too much ... Any chance of less going forward?
5  Stars
By Angela Hobson
Made three incredibly delicious meals out of this! Just a perfect dish.
5  Stars
By Sherie Ellington
pita was too thick
2  Stars
By TianTian Lu
Fantastic --glad to see this return to the menu. Chips were stale-tasting though.
5  Stars
By C P.
Awesome simply awesome
5  Stars
By Eric Hill
Bread too hard
3  Stars
By Patricia Taylor
this used to be my absolute #1 favorite item from munchery.The pita chips were fresh made with a great seasoning.Now the fantastic hummus that I love comes with stale store bought chips.I'm not sure there even pita chips,but there awful.
2  Stars
By Mike Fleming
Too much oil
3  Stars
By Susana Scotti
A little soggy and on the slightly oily side...aioli on the side was good.
4  Stars
By Jill Liu
Great dish. The fried chicken traveled really well after re-heating in the oven. Crispy, flavorful, and tender. I was a bit worried about the potatoes being spicy, but the jalapenos had very little heat/spicy and added an earthy tone.
5  Stars
By A A.
Too oily
1  Stars
By Susannah Malek
Husband loved this!
4  Stars
By Alyson Barry
2 cauliflower halves. So one small cauliflower was it.
2  Stars
By H S.
Too much garlic and the raisins were unnecessary, cauliflower was so flavorful already.
3  Stars
By Kathryn Florance
Very soggy
1  Stars
By Benny Peretz
It might be delicious, but Munchery sent a different item instead, so I can't say for sure. Furthermore, they did not bother responding to my email reporting the mistake. 3 days. No refund. No response.
1  Stars
By Kemoa Frederickson
This had barely any cauliflower. There was a lot of surrounding "stuff" which was tasty but honestly had 2 full pieces of cauliflower
1  Stars
By Erica Rolston
Too small
2  Stars
By Sandy Wu
A but bland.
3  Stars
By L Tam
I only got 3 pieces of cauliflower?
1  Stars
By Sonia Van Braden
Large pieces of beef and flavorful Au-ju. Nice condiments (horse radish, onions + greens). Very well packaged Only reason I will get something else next time is because the other menu items look very good (I played it safe with the French Dip).
4  Stars
By Stan Domen
Tasty but overcooked
3  Stars
By Emilie Roth
Needs more fries
3  Stars
By Sharlene Reyes
Heated for 16 minutes and the chicken wasn't fully heated nor was it crispy.
3  Stars
By Michael Cohen
I'd give this 10 stars if I could. One of the most delicious and inventive combinations I've ever eaten. I do love cauliflower, but this was off the charts . Highest recommendation.
5  Stars
By Amy Rothberg
Good cauliflower but The sauce was really not good. Added nothing to the dish and there was so much it overwhelmed the cauliflower or other spices. Plus no real anchovy flavor.
2  Stars
By Dylan Steele
Really good, especially if you like capers. Cooked well and easy to heat.
4  Stars
By Melissa Speer
3  Stars
All very tasty..but meat was very hard to chew..he a thick one of gristle between each piece...horseradish aioli etc was delicious..
3  Stars
By Robin Hammerman
Way too much garlic. Could not eat it. Should be called "Garlic Roasted Cauliflower"
1  Stars
By Meredith Bloom
Small portion. Didn't like the fennel seeds and cauliflower was soggy. Was expecting it to be crisp. Otherwise good.
3  Stars
By K. A.
Delicious. Tender and juicy meat and yummy spread...perfect with the onions and micro greens.
4  Stars
By Tracy True
The butter tasted rancid.
1  Stars
By Elizabeth Goldstein
Not a fan of the pita chips
2  Stars
By Eve Young
The meat was terrible
2  Stars
By Tracy Chappell
Don't pass this up!
5  Stars
By Jean-Luc Pedanou
Just totally forgetable. Also bland. A squirt of lemon helped, but it could not work wonders. I counted 6 small pieces of cauliflower. Ended up in the trash
1  Stars
By Matthew Reilly
The roasted cauliflower never turned up
1  Stars
By Matthew Downing
Where were the pita chips?? Hummus was good, but thank God I stopped at trader joe's and got some actual pita chips before I came home. The chips we recieved looked NOTHING like the picture. They were stale and tasteless.
2  Stars
By Jacqueline Omran
Did not taste good. Heated per instructions in oven.
2  Stars
By Blessing Joao
Focaccia is traditionally a flat, somewhat dense, yeasty bread. I received something with the consistency of pound cake and the taste of bottom shelf white bread. Rosemary was present, as was a single grain of sea salt. Herbed butter was tasty.
1  Stars
By Heather Frank
Drier than usual
3  Stars
By Kim Colombo
Delicious! I was surprise by the fat grams. 56 is too much for this dinner.
4  Stars
By Denise Lee
Chips stale
3  Stars
By Alexandria Sciarappa
Absolutely delicious!!
5  Stars
By Sharon Howard

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