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cold pressed watermelon

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  1. Background

In 2013 Harlan and I felt the urge to make real change in the world and apply our passions toward something radically different. We focused our collective energies on a shared interest for both sustainability and healthier consumer beverages. Our little mind meld resulted in the idea if WTRMLN WTR. In WTRMLN WTR, we discovered we were able to achieve two lofty, yet attainable goals. The first, was to find a home for what the "industry" referred to as "discarded melons" - watermelons to be discarded simply because there was a blemish on an otherwise delicious melon. By finding a home for these discarded melons, farmers could turn a loss into a profit. The second, and equally as meaningful goal, was to introduce the awesome, super delicious, amazingly beneficial water from the melon to the world!