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Lose the lukewarm delivery. Stomp out the soggy salads. Pacify the picky eaters. Our freshly made, individually portioned meals delivered to the office.


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Why Munchery?

Munchery is a fully integrated food company.

We own the entire process from buying fresh ingredients to delivering the fresh, chef-crafted food to ensure we provide our customers with great food, a fabulous experience, and excellent value.

Huge Variety

Our daily changing menu is full of fresh, delicious dishes of all sorts—from comforting mac & cheese and classic roasted chicken to yummy stir-fried noodles and colorful grain bowls.

Lunch & Dinner Delivery

Get lunch on a set schedule, offer dinner when people work late—we’ll set up a program that works for your team.

Flexible Ordering

Orders can be placed up to a week in advance all in one swoop.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Full ingredient and allergen lists and nutritional profiles are available for everything on our menu.

Easy Admin

Set-up is a breeze. See what people order, bulk order, set restrictions—it’s all easily in your control.

Easy Payment

Use a corporate card or set up daily allowance for added control without constant oversight.

Our Customers Love Us

Two Ways to Munchery@Work

We’re more than a lunch delivery company, much more.


Office group delivery

Order dinner when people work late or serve lunch to the whole team. Use it daily or weekly, it’s your schedule.


Provide credit

Provide credit for people to use as they like, or even simply provide a Munchery Membership as a perk to help your office eat better when they’re home.

Chilled: Why Cold Is Best

We deliver our food chilled because it’s the safest and best way to deliver.

For Food

Stays fresh

Endless meal possibilities

Healthful options

For You

Ready to eat when you want to eat

Individual meal choice

No more lukewarm nothing


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Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.

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