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Gusto Iced Coffee

dark-roasted Bolivian coffee steeped for 24-hours
4.7 stars
(20 reviews)
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Nut-Free
The long, slow extraction process of this brew is ample time to coax out a sweet a balanced brew, bolstered by smokey notes and strong hints of rich, dark chocolate. The beans we use, from the Cenaproc Cooperative in Bolivia’s Yungas region, are grown at an incredibly high altitude. This makes them unusually dense and lively, imbued with complex character that’s well suited for dark roasting, getting spotlighted with refreshing clarity when you extract the flavors in a nice, long cold brewing process. Gusto is a versatile treat. It’s a gorgeous hot brew, a dark elixir with whispers of caramel and vanilla, and a bold cold brew—sweet and well-rounded on its own with that smokey chocolate note that also keeps its vibe if paired with cream and sugar. Serving is a single 16oz bottle.

What People Are Saying

5 Stars
Had this delivered to my work...shared with a few colleagues...everyone loved it...! A little bit goes a long way to perk you up in the afternoon...!
5 Stars
This is a very smooth, FULL-flavored brew. I especially enjoy it mixed with the Can Can nut milk offered by Munchery.
3 Stars
I love cold brew coffee but this roast was a little darker than I prefer. Less smooth than say stumptown. but a little cream mellowed it out some.
5 Stars
Very strong and tastes great chilled on its own. Lasts me a few drinks too!
1 Stars
Something changed, the last 2 orders I got the coffee tasted watery and sour. The past orders were rich and had a chocolate note.
5 Stars
Got me started drinking coffee again : /
5 Stars
very strong and nice
5 Stars
Makes a perfect iced coffee. No bitterness, just a rich, deep flavor. I order this frequently.
5 Stars
Best iced coffee, hands-down!
5 Stars
so strong, so flavorful, so good.
4 Stars
Smooth and dark. The way I like my coffee. Would definitely order again.
5 Stars
I don't know what kind of human would drink this when it arrives in the evening — this is strong, ultra-caffeinated greatness that was meant for the morning (and maybe afternoon). Delicious on a big whiskey ice cube.

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