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Humboldt Fog Cheese Plate

peach-berry jam, walnut bread, honey
4.3 stars
(236 reviews)
  • Vegetarian
This is a great local goat cheese with a beautiful ash rind. I have paired it with a peach - berry jam, honey and walnut bread freshly baked by our neighbors at Panorama.
Per Serving*
1.0 Per Container
Calories 1210
Total Fat 46g
Saturated Fat 19g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 80mg
Sodium 1870mg
Total Carbs 148g
Dietary Fiber 16g
Sugars 42g
Protein 54g
Vitamin A 109IU
Vitamin C 8mg
Calcium 294mg
Iron 8mg
*Our nutrition data includes all sauces, dressings, condiments, and garnishes included with a dish. If you have specific concerns about sodium, fat, or overall calories, know that we often serve these items on the side so you can add them to taste or leave them out, if you like.

What People Are Saying

5 Stars
Yummy snack - goat cheese was fabulous - fresh bread and excellent honey and jam.
5 Stars
Very generous slice of cheese. I enjoyed this it was a fun little meal or a snack for two.
5 Stars
4 Stars
AMAZING!!!!!! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it needs a couple more pieces of bread. Absolutely delicious though. Slightly toasted the bread which made it even better. A definite order again for me.
4 Stars
Enjoyed this very much, would order again
3 Stars
This was good but, given the price, the sliver of cheese included was really inadequate.
5 Stars
loved every bite - the jam is so good!
3 Stars
I went off the pic vs reading deets and expected more cheese. It was ok for the price
5 Stars
Great bread, good cheese. Doesn't get any better than this.
5 Stars
Hopefully, this will be on the menu often! Every part of this was good - it was very fresh and the perfect addition to a salad order.
4 Stars
I like this cheese. It's a lot of cheese. It might have gone better with crackers or bread with a crunchier crust. There's so much leftover that I can actually try that!
4 Stars
Wish there was more bread, lots of cheese leftover. Otherwise YUM. Humbolt fog is a little blue-ish so make sure you like that blue taste before you order.
5 Stars
awesome....great cheese and honey/jam...bread is nice..please don't change a thing!!
4 Stars
this was amazing. The cheese was fantastic and the berry jam and honey made it even more fantastic. The only reason why it's not a 5 star is that there were only 3 slices of bread and I ran out of bread before I ran out of cheese.
5 Stars
Delicious and very generously portioned, though I would like to see a variety of cheeses.
5 Stars
A 5 Star rating. I felt as if I was at a hotel. Hat's off to Munchery! Everything was good and fresh! @dpLouisHSimmons
5 Stars
All the parts were delicious!
4 Stars
The cheese is one of my favorites - wish there had been 4 pieces of bread instead of 3 - one for each of us in the family.
5 Stars
Good portion size. Wish there was a variety of cheeses though.
5 Stars
The Humbolt Fog is a full-bodied "stinky" cheese. Not for the mild white cheese lovers. I enjoyed it. The jam, honey and bread were excellent in combination. This was a classically delicious artisanal treat.
5 Stars
Wow. Super impressed with the assortment of cheese, bread, jam and honey. Enough cheese left over so I Picked up bread the next day to finish, highly recommend. Thanks Chef!

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