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Kids' Crispy Salmon Cake

served with a mixed green salad and a lemon sauce
4.3 stars
(129 reviews)
  • Nut-Free
Fresh salmon cake sautéed until crispy is served with a lemon-herb dipping sauce and a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes.

What People Are Saying

5 Stars
My kids devoured this!
5 Stars
Delish and very generous portion!!! Thank you chef!!!
4 Stars
Very nice salmon cake. Crispy, flavorful, not too much breadcrumb. The salad dressing was a bit too tart for a "kid's" dish. I do recommend heating the fish cake in the toaster oven, not microwave, to retain it's crispy texture.
5 Stars
The salmon cakes were delicious! The salad was not kid friendly tho - had some very bitter leafy green my 4 year old would not touch. Romaine would have been better.
3 Stars
5 Stars
Absolutely delicious. The lemon sauce really added to the salmon cake. Will order again.
3 Stars
For kids I think something besides the lettuce would have been better. The cake was good though.
5 Stars
Delicious! Nice size portion too.
5 Stars
The salmon cakes were surprisingly delicious! Nice balance of spices and flavors, tasty salmon with no fishiness, not too bread-y. The salad and sauce were great counterpoints.

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