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Nasu Maki

marinated eggplant and cucumber
4.3 stars
(62 reviews)
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan
A great vegetarian side dish. Using Chinese eggplant lightly seared and marinated in soy, sugar, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and Japanese chili with cucumber.
Per Serving*
1.0 Per Container
Calories 130
Total Fat 1.5g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 400mg
Total Carbs 28g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Sugars 5g
Protein 3g
Vitamin A 220IU
Vitamin C 3mg
Calcium 28mg
Iron 0.5mg
*Our nutrition data includes all sauces, dressings, condiments, and garnishes included with a dish. If you have specific concerns about sodium, fat, or overall calories, know that we often serve these items on the side so you can add them to taste or leave them out, if you like.

What People Are Saying

3 Stars
So so. Fresh and light, but not particularly flavorful
4 Stars
4 Stars
Although it came a little thrashed around in the packaging, with one roll a little squished and the soy sauce coming out of it's to-go cup, the rolls were delicious. I would definitely order again.
4 Stars
Very delicious! I would love more veggies in this roll, and brown rice. I would order veggie sushi weekly if it were available.
5 Stars
This is a favorite - I order it whenever it appears as an option.
3 Stars
Tasty but overpriced; unlike with most Munchery dishes, I didn't feel like this was a good value for the price.
5 Stars
This was SO good... I only wish there'd been more than 5 pieces. I'll order 2 next time! The eggplant flavor is best described as "savory"...a little teriyaki-like, but so much richer. Its texture was also nice, kind of like sushi pickled mushrooms.
4 Stars
Delicious! Would order again.
2 Stars
These were tasty, but I wouldn't order them again - one order was under sauced and the other was swimming in sauce. Consistency matters.
5 Stars
I have ordered this several times now, one of favorite dishes.
4 Stars
Loved this! I wish I had doubled my order. The only flaw was the rolls fell apart.
5 Stars
Amazing, didn't even miss the fish.

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