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Seared Citrus Cod with Broccoli

serves 2, ready in 15 minutes
4.0 stars
(62 reviews)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Egg-Free
This lovely piece of moist and flaky cod gets gussied up thanks to a simple pan sauce made with sunburst tomatoes and tangerines. A mix of broccoli florets and toasted hazelnuts, as well as our blend of steamed brown rice and red quinoa come on the side to complete the meal. All you need is basic kitchen equipment (pots/pans, bowls, a knife, salt, pepper, oil) and around 15 minutes to create this glamorous dinner for two.
Seared Citrus Cod with Broccoli Recipe Card
Per Serving*
2.0 Per Container
Calories 650
Total Fat 28g
Saturated Fat 11g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 105mg
Sodium 160mg
Total Carbs 69g
Dietary Fiber 11g
Sugars 18g
Protein 37g
Vitamin A 2167IU
Vitamin C 156mg
Calcium 173mg
Iron 4mg
*Our nutrition data includes all sauces, dressings, condiments, and garnishes included with a dish. If you have specific concerns about sodium, fat, or overall calories, know that we often serve these items on the side so you can add them to taste or leave them out, if you like.

What People Are Saying

3 Stars
This dish felt really healthy - clean & steamed. Lacking a bit of flavor though.
1 Stars
Fish was tough and fibrous. Disappointing
1 Stars
Not up to your standards. Confusing, incomplete instructions. Instructions implied 3 tangerines, only 2 included. No time given for cooking fish. Took closer to an hour to prepare. Taste was blah. No flavor of tomatoes, tangerines or shallots came
1 Stars
I only had two oranges instead of the three mentioned in the recipe. And less butter than I needed. The fish was portioned oddly with one big piece and one tiny one. And the overall flavor was very bland.
5 Stars
Tasted good, so it gets 5 stars. Took way more than 15 min for me to prep though.
3 Stars
The fish didn't taste very good. I can tell it iF it was my cooking or just the fish.
2 Stars
Ingredients don't feel like they go together, flavors are odd. No instructions on how long to cook the fish. Barely any seasoning.
3 Stars
very bland
4 Stars
Delicious but the instructions should include time for how long the fish should cook. Also required a fair amount of prep work.

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