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Steak Fajitas

serves 2, ready in 15 minutes
4.4 stars
(185 reviews)
Available on 04/17/2017
  • No Nuts Added
  • No Egg Added
Who doesn't love fajitas?! Especially when we give you all the stuff to make them just how you like them. Cook the steak and mixed bell peppers, then top it with our fresh pico de gallo and a crumble of queso fresco. All that's needed is basic kitchen equipment (pots/pans, bowls, a knife, salt, pepper, oil) and around 15 minutes and you've got yourself one heck of a fajita night!
Steak Fajitas Recipe Card
Servings Per Container: 2.0
Amount Per Serving*
Calories 850
Total Fat 39g
Saturated Fat 13g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 90mg
Sodium 1480mg
Total Carbs 81g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 6g
Protein 41g
*Our nutrition data includes all sauces, dressings, condiments, and garnishes included with a dish. If you have specific concerns about sodium, fat, or overall calories, know that we often serve these items on the side so you can add them to taste or leave them out, if you like.

What People Are Saying

5 Stars
I was missing the red bell pepper which was sad but it was still delicious. I also would have liked a little more queso fresco
3 Stars
More flavor
1 Stars
Beware, this co. is terribly run! I've been trying to get through to the company to cancel my membership (they already charged me for a second month the same day my first order was HOURS late) and can't ever get a live person to answer the phone.
1 Stars
Missing Chile lime dressing
3 Stars
Meat quality
4 Stars
Need 2x more meat - otherwise, great dish and easy to assemble.
3 Stars
Following instructions led to overcooking the meat. Also, I'm not good at chopping vegetables, and had hoped they might be pre-chopped.
3 Stars
Liked it very much BUT when it arrived and I removed to the refrig, a red sauce started dripping across the floor, It was the sauce for the cabbage. Obviously, the sauce was not sealed in the little plastic container properly and it caused A MESS!
4 Stars
Could use another pepper for all the onion they give. But really tasty!
3 Stars
Prefer chicken the cut of meat was too tough
2 Stars
Meat was frozen solid. Took a long time to defrost.
5 Stars
I only got one pepper. Thank goodness I had another on hand. This was great!! And fun to make!
4 Stars
Not nearly enough cotija cheese...barley enough for two, let alone the six tortillas it comes with
5 Stars
One of our favorite ever Munchery meals. Absolutely delicious.