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Munchery Giving

Choose your favorite cause to support.

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1% of Every Order

Munchery will donate 1% of every eligible purchase to the charitable organization of your choice.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family—the more people who choose your cause, the more money we’ll donate.

Have Questions?

  • What is Munchery Giving?

    Giving back is important to us. Making sure everyone gets a good dinner is why we started this company. Support the charity of your choice just by eating!

    Munchery will donate 1% of the final sale value of eligible items, less discounts, refunds, service and delivery fees.

  • How do I choose an organization to support?

    Choose any 501(3)c organization before you order. Munchery will automatically, at no cost to you, donate 1% of the eligible purchase price (minus discounts, offers, taxes, or delivery fees) to that organization.

  • Can I change the organization I support?

    Absolutely. Simply choose another 501(3)c non-profit organization and we’ll send future donations there.

    If you no longer want to support an organization, just select “I no longer want to support this organization.”

  • How much does Munchery donate?

    Munchery donates 1% of the eligible purchase price (minus discounts, offers, taxes, and delivery fees).

If you’re an official representative of a charitable organization,
see how to make the most of Munchery Giving.

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