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How Munchery Works

  • Created by First-Rate Chefs

    Talented chefs whip up a variety of dishes fresh from scratch each weekday.

  • Order From Daily Menus

    New menus give you fresh options each weeknight. Order that day while supplies last, or order days in advance.

  • Schedule Same-Day Delivery

    Select a delivery time when you check out. Your delivery driver will text you when they’re close.

  • Ready to Eat in Minutes

    Meals are delivered chilled, with simple instructions to heat your meal in minutes using your microwave or oven.

Top Local Chefs

Put your dinner in good hands.

Relax, leave the cooking to the pros. Munchery chefs are incredibly talented, and deeply passionate about serving you nothing but the best food from the finest, freshest ingredients possible. They handcraft meals fresh from scratch each day in small batches, for delivery to your door that night.

  • The Best Ingredients

    Real good food starts with real good ingredients — local, organic & sustainable as much as possible. No additives, preservatives or MSG ever.

  • Incredible Variety

    Discover new, inspiring dishes on the menu each day created by culinary all-stars. Never boring. Always amazing.

  • Pro Chefs — At Your Service

    Do you know who cooks most your food? You should, and with Munchery, you do. Ask questions, get answers. Real food, from real pros. Just the way it should be.

  • Radical Transparency

    Don’t just know who cooks your food, but know exactly what goes into it with ingredient details for each dish. Ingredient integrity, served responsibly.

Fresh Menus Each Weekday

Don’t get bored with your dinner options. Discover new dishes each day on the menu, including options for all kinds of eaters. Dishes are made in small batches with limited supplies that fly out the door. So order early, don’t miss out.

Order online, or on the go with your iOS device, that day. Or be the early bird and order days ahead of time.

Order cutoff times for same-day deliveries depend on where you want it delivered. Enter your ZIP code here to see your options.


  • Order Now, Get it Tonight

    Order for dinner tonight, or days in advance. If your plans change, no worries, you can change delivery times, add or remove items, or cancel completely.

  • Early Bird Discounts

    Place your order two days or more in advance and take advantage of special early bird discounts of 10%-25% off most items.

  • Find What You Want, Fast

    Quickly filter the menu for meals tailored to specific dietary needs like vegetarian, dairy-free, organic, low-carb, nut-free, vegan, or wheat-free.

  • Authentic Reviews

    Have what they’re having. Read real reviews from real people. So go on, try something new. Diversity is a good thing.

Same-Day Delivery Each Weeknight

Whether you’re ordering for just tonight, or an entire week’s worth of dinners in advance, you can choose convenient delivery windows each night. Enter your ZIP code below to see your options.

See Your Delivery Options

  • Do I Need to be Home?

    It’s up to you. If you won’t be home, your driver can leave it at your door, with your doorman or you can even leave out a cooler. Munchery coolers are available on each day’s menu.

  • Are Drivers Punctual?

    You betcha, and they’ll text you when they are close. A majority of our deliveries occur in the first 30 minutes of your delivery window.

  • Can I Change Delivery Times?

    Of course! You can change your delivery time on your Account page. The delivery change cutoff time depends on your location, so go to your order to see the latest time you can make a change.

  • Do You Offer Pickups?

    Yep, curbside actually! Order until 7PM, and pick up your order between 5PM-7PM at Munchery in SF’s Mission District (18th & Alabama). Call or text when you arrive, we’ll bring it right out.

Heat & Eat in Minutes

Meals are delivered chilled (but not frozen), and designed from the ground up to be restaurant quality out of your microwave or oven. Simple instructions make putting a delicious meal on the table hassle-free, even if that table was made for coffee or is actually your desk.

Eco-friendly packaging. No eco-tradeoffs.
  • Trays made from all natural, renewable plant fibers (bamboo & sugarcane)
  • Microwave and oven safe
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Plastic from recycled plastic bottles
  • Paper products from 100% recycled paper

Say goodbye to piles of pots and pans, and hello to good food real fast. No cooking skills necessary.

How Much Prep Is There?

Usually just a few minutes. Each dish comes with simple, clear instructions for the microwave and oven. Cooking skills optional.

And a hundred other reasons you will eat better with us.

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