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Dinner should be delicious and as easy as possible. At Munchery, we’ve figured out how to make that dream a reality.

  1. We create amazing food
  2. You order online or with the app
  3. We deliver right to your door


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Save Money with Membership
Our membership model lets us skip standard markups, so we can deliver chef crafted meals at prices significantly lower than similar dishes at restaurants. It also allows us to own the entire process, from making the food, to building the app, to delivering the food, further helping to keep prices affordable. All for just $85/year (or $8.95/month).
Chilled Is Best

 Food arrives chilled, for maximum freshness and flexibility, ready to heat for a few minutes in the microwave or oven on your schedule.
Menus Change Daily

Our menus feature everything from homey classics and global favorites to kids’ meals and our exclusive cooking kits. We even have sides, salads, desserts, and beverages so you can create the perfect dinner every night.
It’s All About You
Order as much or as little as you want, as often as you want. Some areas offer on-demand delivery, and you can always choose same-day delivery or schedule dinner delivery up to a week in advance. You’ll never wait for restaurants to open to take care of dinner again.


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Cooking Kits

Not in our Membership areas? Enjoy Munchery by signing up for a weekly shipment of our cooking kits. All you need is a kitchen (basic equipment like pots and pans, plus pantry staples such as salt and pepper) and about 15 minutes to cook an amazing dinner for two from each kit.
Dinner in 15 Minutes

By cooking up sauces and dressings for you, our chefs have created incredible meals that are ready in your kitchen in about 15 minutes. A bit of chopping, boiling water, tossing things in a pan—this is all you’re going to need to do. All the satisfaction of cooking a homemade dinner with none of the hassle.
Menu Variety
Our chefs create meals for all kinds of tastes. From meaty to vegetarian, hearty pastas and stews to fresh dinner salads and flatbreads. Ahi tuna burgers, slurpy udon noodles, and spicy pork tacos find their way on our menu, too.
On Your Schedule
Order the dinners you want, skip deliveries when you need to, and cancel at any time. It’s a whole new way to get dinner on the table.



Giving back is important to us. Making sure everyone gets a good dinner is why we started this company. Support the charity of your choice just by eating! Munchery will donate 1% of every eligible purchase to the charitable organization of your choice.


1. What kind of food is it?

Munchery chefs create fresh, delicious dishes of all sorts—from decadent mac & cheese and fall-apart tender smoked ribs to vibrant grain bowls and colorful salads. Our chef-designed cooking kits include choices such as Truffled Steak with Garlic Potatoes, Spiced Chicken on Minted Couscous, and Seared Ahi Soba Noodle Salad. Plus, there are always vegetarian options.
2. How much does it cost?

Our ready-to-eat dinners start at under $10 for dishes such as Shredded Beef Tacos or Artichoke Chickpea Stew and run up to about $18 for Steak au Poivre. Kids’ meals run $4 to $6. Sides, salads, and desserts hover in the $4 to $8 range.

Shipping subscriptions start at $51.95 for two dinner kits serving two people each, with free shipping.
3. When will it be delivered?

In our Membership areas, we offer same-day delivery (with varying cut-off ordering times), as well as the ability to schedule deliveries up to a week in advance—never worry about dinner again!

Cooking kit subscriptions arrive at your place on a set day of the week that you choose when you sign up and can change as needed.
4. How does the food stay fresh?

 We deliver all of our meals chilled. By cooking and then immediately chilling our food, we maximize its freshness, can keep added fats and sugars lower than traditional take-out, and offer a wider range of dishes than when food is delivered hot. No more lukewarm chicken! Forget soggy noodles!

When we ship our cooking kits, we pack them with non-toxic, water-soluble frozen gel packs and recyclable insulation to keep the ingredients fresh and chilled until they get to you.
5. Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?

Our delivery folks and shipping partner are happy to leave deliveries where your packages would normally be left. You can even leave a cooler for them to put deliveries in if you like.
6. Do I Have to Be a Member?
If you’re new to Munchery, yes! As of April 2016, we are a membership-only service, which allowed us to offer even better prices to our customers while still offering the great food and service we’re known for.

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