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Join the Team

There's only been two options for dinner: cook in or go out

We're Building the Third Option of Food

Munchery is looking for world-class individuals passionate about "tech and taste." We're using technology to bring together chefs and the ones they serve in an unprecedented way. We believe good food should be convenient, diverse, healthy, and frankly, taste good. We all must eat, and we're tired of the lack of innovation in food. Join our talented team in building a service that changes the game.

What's it like working at Munchery?

  • Fun, relaxed, casual environment.
  • Rewarding work, knowing you're helping people's daily lives.
  • Get it done. Zero bureaucracy. Make a direct impact.
  • An epicurean's delight! Good food throughout our office.
  • Interact with chefs and the kitchen world. Participate in chef tastings and samplings.
  • High-level of excellence across the company. No luxury hires. Everyone adds tangible value.

Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive compensation packages and stock options.
  • Food is everywhere (it's actually overwhelming).
  • Employee Discount Program (never worry about dinner again).
  • Open Vacation Policy. Rest when you need it, rock when you don't.
  • 100% health, dental and vision benefits.
  • Build your dream Apple workstation the way you want.

Who we're looking for:

  • Unicorns: rare, amazing individuals that are believed not to exist in this world.
  • Cross-functional and multi-talented. If you're an engineer, you should have multiple core competencies beyond coding (ie: photographer, great writer, and have mad chopping skills).
  • Food lovers. In fact, a lot of your teammates have had previous professional kitchen experience in their past
  • Passionate people who put team before ego.
  • People who can turn on a dime and embrace rapid changes.
Munchery HQ
Munchery HQ in San Francisco, California
Munchery HQ
In-house food photography and taste testing
Meals are handcrafted by chefs in certified professional kitchens

Open Positions


Resident Chef San Francisco Bay Area

Customer Care

No open positions available


iOS Engineer San Francisco Bay Area
Senior Software Engineer San Francisco Bay Area
Software Engineer San Francisco Bay Area


No open positions available


City General Manager San Francisco Bay Area
City General Manager Los Angeles
City General Manager New York
City General Manager Washington, D.C.
Delivery Driver San Francisco Bay Area
IT Administrator San Francisco Bay Area
Warehouse Crew Member San Francisco Bay Area

People Operations

People Operations Manager San Francisco Bay Area

Product / Design

Designer San Francisco Bay Area
Food Photographer Seattle

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