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Here We Come

Arriving Early Summer 2014


Wholesome Meals
In A Snap

Premium prepared dinners from top local chefs.
Delivered to your door.

Wholesome Meals
In A Snap

Premium prepared dinners from top local chefs.
Delivered to your door.

Wholesome Meals
In A Snap

Premium prepared dinners from top local chefs.
Delivered to your door.

Fast dinners. For busy folks.

When there’s a lot on your plate, putting real good food, from real good ingredients, on the dinner table can be a hassle.

But imagine if the easy answer to “What’s for dinner?” was the better one for you. That’d make eating better easier. That’s Munchery — good food, fast.

Order quick, healthy prepared meals, handcrafted from scratch by top local chefs using only the best ingredients, for same-day delivery to your home or office.

Get ridiculously convenient, and remarkably good, weeknight dinners on the table in 10 minutes or less.

New menus daily. Fresh options each night.

Order from diverse daily menus, with options for all kinds of eaters, and get it delivered that night.

Handmade. By the best chefs in town.

Crafted from scratch each day, so you can relax and leave the cooking to the pros.

The finest ingredients. No shortcuts.

Your better dinners start with the best ingredients — local, organic & sustainable whenever possible.

Same-day delivery. By pros at being prompt.

Order that day, or days ahead of time, and schedule delivery to your home or office each night.

Your dinner, in good hands.

Handmade by Top Local Chefs

Chef Steven Levine
(1317 Reviews)
I find that the biggest difference between being a chef in New York City and being a chef in The Bay Area is that in NYC you work to MAKE the food taste good. Out here you work to LET the food taste good!
Chef Raymond Reyes
(1171 Reviews)
I define my style as "East meets West," a blend of everything from classic French to Asian to modern American cuisine. I would like to share with you the flavors and textures I experience on my palate, using my favorite fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Enjoy!
Chef Allison Jones
(488 Reviews)
  • Meet Our Amazing Chefs
  • Chef Steven Levine
  • Chef Raymond Reyes
  • Chef Alison Jones

5-Star Prepared Meals? How’s That Work?

Created by First-Rate Chefs

Talented chefs whip up a variety of dishes fresh from scratch each weekday.

Order From Daily Menus

New menus give you fresh options each weeknight. Order that day while supplies last, or order days in advance.

Schedule Same-Day Delivery

Select a delivery time when you check out. Your delivery driver will text you when they’re close.

Ready to Eat in Minutes

Meals are delivered chilled, with simple instructions to heat your meal in minutes using your microwave or oven.

See what’s for dinner this week.

The Finest Fresh Ingredients

  1. Skuna Bay
  2. Mary’s Chicken
  3. Central Milling

Skuna Bay

Vancouver Island Craft Raised Salmon

An icon in sustainable food, Skuna Bay raises the perfect salmon. Reared by the hand of experienced craftsmen farmers in the one, and only one, place where salmon should be raised — the natural ocean environment. Pristine, glacier-fed waters are critical to healthy salmon.

The farmers at Skuna Bay aim to always give you that fresh-from-the-ocean experience, as if that perfect, muscular fish had just been pulled from the fresh water.

The details are secret, but only six experts are approved to select and prepare Skuna Bay Salmon for sale to the most discerning chefs.

Mary’s Chicken

Organic, Free-Range Poultry from Pitman Family Farms.

Mary’s Chickens are raised to the highest standards. They were the first in the US to be certified GMO-free, and the first to achieve the highest possible ranking by Global Animal Partnership.

These birds are raised naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring environment on ranches in sunny California. They are fed a high quality vegetarian diet with no additives or animal by-products, and every effort is made to treat the chickens as humanely as possible.

In production, most farmers use communal chlorine baths for cooling. Mary’s Chickens uses a unique air chill process that keeps the birds chlorine and bacteria free. All while making the chicken taste better and saving 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water a year.

Central Milling

Premium Organic Flour & Grains since 1867

Central Milling is one of the leading producers of organic flours and grains in the country. It is the oldest continuously operating company in the state of Utah and has provided the finest quality flour to homes and bakeries across the country since 1867.

Their grain is grown sustainably and their "go-green" milling operation is entirely driven by hydropower from the Logan River in Northern Utah.

Grain from Central Milling is meticulously milled in a cool, slow process to minimize damage to the wheat. It’s then aged for 14-days to allow the flour to oxidize naturally, producing a premium organic product with exceptional flavor.

Better dinners begin with the best ingredients

Good In More Than Just Taste

We think it’s good business to do good. We’re working hard to be sustainable
in all ways, and to help those who need a helping hand.


Order Dinner, Give a Dinner

For every order on Munchery, we provide a meal for someone in need by donating a portion of our proceeds to the SF & Marin Food Bank.

SF & Marin Food Bank

Carbon Neutral Delivery

We are offsetting the carbon footprint of every delivery by planting trees through The Conservation Fund.

The Conservation Fund

Eco-Friendly Everything

From biodegradable trays made of renewable plants to paper and plastic products from recycled materials, we’re greening our footprint in every way.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

And a hundred other reasons you will eat better with us.

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